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Monday, February 12, 2007

Ground Hog Day In Snow

Now this is one for the books. Has to be. N.Y. is dealing with a snowfall of.....ready?....115 inches of snow in Oswego county and it ain't over yet! The forecasters say that it should stop on Monday. For reference, my husband is 6ft.3in., that's 75 inches. The snow that fell, NOT the snow they have piled up, is 40 inches taller than he is!!! WOW! Can we say TOO MUCH SNOW!!! I have to admit that I am happy to live far south of all that.

One thing that is going to be bad is the meltdown. But at the moment, folks are simply trying to survive what is in front of them right now. That much snow has to be covering the first story of any house in the area. I am unable to process all that, frankly. I cannot imagine that much snow anywhere. Although, I was in a blizzard that brought on a good deal of snow that was piled to about 10 ft. some years ago. That still isn't as bad as this storm since the totals are before they pile it. The next question I have is...WHERE would they pile it????

Ground Hog Day In Snow

(CBS/AP) The snow got even deeper Sunday but the end was in sight after a weeklong series of squalls that have buried towns on one corner of Lake Ontario. By early Sunday, the persistent streams of squalls fueled by moisture from the lake had piled snow 115 inches deep at the Oswego County town of Parish, about 25 miles northeast of Syracuse.

Nuff said.