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Friday, February 09, 2007

What Drives Me Crazy: Ads on TV For Lawyers

This is a pet peeve that goes wild when I see lawyers on television in a commercial. It's bad enough that I have to see them there but THIS is too much. I am an ex over-the-road trucker with a number of miles under the belt and 8 1/2 years of experience. What galls me is that the lawyers seeking clients are targeting truckers and truck accidents. Now, I am not trying to say that some people don't have claims against the over-the-road guys. I do know that is true since there are some drivers out there that do not respect the truck they drive nor the roads they run on. Nor do they respect the car drivers that are good guys too.

However, this is the OTHER SIDE of the picture. I was out there on those roads and saw many, MANY times when the car drivers did not respect the truck nor did they bother to care what they were doing to harm the driver of the truck. For instance, it seems that the car drivers do not know or perhaps care that a truck does NOT stop on a dime. In fact, if you will check it out, a truck...going at 55 miles an hour....takes an entire FOOTBALL FIELD (100 yards or more) to stop if the truck is loaded to 40,000+ pounds. Since the trucks weight something too, the grand (legal) total comes to 80,000 pounds of truck and load coming down on some car driver. That does not include the possibility that the roads are wet or snowy or some other hazard. So the car driver decides to pass the truck, come back into the lane and slam on the brakes. WHAT DID YOU THINK WOULD HAPPEN? Now Aunt Fanny and family are in the hospital (or worse) and they are going to SUE the pants off that trucker that couldn't stop if his life depended on it, which it does.

The trucker must maintain a good driving record or he is out of a career. Is the driver of the car going to be out of work? Nah. If he hasn't killed himself with that assinine stunt, the idiot goes on to work. Maybe IF he is charged (which is doubtful) he loses his right to drive but he still has a career if he can get to work. (It's called carpooling, pal) The poor trucker needs to find other employment and that is only IF someone else will take this so-called reckless person who now has a record because of some foolish car driver. He can no longer be a trucker. Career is history.

That isn't the only thing that car drivers do. They ride next to the truck usually in the slow lane, pacing the truck (meaning staying right there next to it so the trucker can't get back into the slow lane). There is absolutely NO THOUGHT to the fact that the trucker, if it's a two lane, is now in a terrible place if there is a car or truck coming in the other direction. I have seen car drivers that actually enjoy the problem of the trucker in that situation. I've been laughed at by a car driver who obviously wanted me to be scared. What they do not seem to think about is that if it comes down to the car or truck coming AT the trucker in the fast lane, he is going to move over anyway in order to save that family in the approaching car. The jerk in the slow lane can hit the ditch. He deserves what he gets, in my opinion.

When the cars are pacing the truck or sit right next to a tire, that is scary to me. There is NO THOUGHT to the fact that tires blow rather frequently on big trucks and the idiot pacing the truck is endangering his entire family as he does this. I have had several blowouts on my truck. You have to understand that the trucker often does not even know that the tire blew out. One of my tires on the trailer blew so I stopped to check on it. I was told I had a flat by another trucker behind me. Didn't know it happened. When I looked at the bottom of the trailer, it was blown out and one of the support beams was twisted because the tire blew upward, thank goodness. Do you have any idea how much force that was? It was like a bomb going off. Size of the hole in the trailer? About 3 feet wide and to a depth of about 9 inches. The trailer was out of commission for a while to get fixed. Oh yeah, I was driving a refrigerated unit. That is a lot more metal and insulation than a box trailer.

I am certain it is no surprise that cars have a better manuverability than trucks. Truckers are often at the mercy of the car driver that can't seem to get a clue that trucks are dangerous to be around if the car driver is being stupid, which many are. We cannot stop on a dime nor can we turn on a dime. Those who get upset or indignant about what a trucker has done need to take a class in being around trucks first before they judge who is wrong. It is about time to educate the public in sharing the road with the trucks and give them some room. Know why? Because there is not one thing you can think of that you buy....not one...that doesn't come by a truck, one way or another. Go ahead. Try it. I can tell you that almost every item bought in this country comes by truck. And when there is an accident involving a truck or a trucker is charged unfairly, the price of your goods go up, up, UP! It's time to give the truckers a break.

Then there are the road rage nuts. These people are certifiable and should be locked up for their own protection. These brain-dead individuals "play" with the truck. They do everything they can to aggravate the trucker, usually in rush hour traffic. They stop short by slamming on the brakes. They give you the "number one" symbol and then cut into your lane without signalling or giving any space, bumper to bumper. They drive right up close and personal behind the truck. These people don't appear to know that they are in serious trouble since the trucker has no idea that they are there at all. The trucker cannot see the car. If you can't see the mirror of the truck, the trucker cannot see you! Where is a cop when you need one?

I said all this in order to get it across that lawyers who go after the trucker need to take the time to be certain that the car driver didn't cause the accident, whether the police found that out or not. On a number of occasions, I have seen the police AUTOMATICALLY assume that the trucker was at fault simply because he or she is the professional driver and "should know better". ARE YOU SERIOUS????

Lawyers, it is time to (shocker) be fair to the truckers and see their side before you put up ads that are prejudicial in their own right. The AUTOMATIC assumption with the ad is that the trucker did the dirty deed and "we are out to get them and get them we will. How much do you want? Okay, we can get that and more!" Yeah, I know. The world ain't fair. Well, neither are you. And that is how you earn your nasty money. There is no honor in that but then, most lawyers have no honor anyway. Ya know, I did find a lawyer or two that does have honor. Usually, they won't take a questionable case. It would be nice to see more of that kind rather than the ones that end up being politicians. Did I say LAWYER? I meant LIAR!

Shame on you, lawyers. And that is what drives me crazy today.

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