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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ted Nugent's Inaugural Act Creates Stir

If you will check back to another blog I wrote about Texas Gov. Rick Perry, you will find that I had a number of things to say about him. I questioned his judgment about the new order he has unilaterally written to be obeyed without question, I might add. Girls, ages 11-12, are ordered be vaccinated with a drug that is questionable at best with unknown side effects. The governor, in his wisdom? thought that this vaccine would be the answer to all their woes. Not so, governor, especially if you don't even consult the parents and guardians. How about checking with the girls? Think they want this? You dream.

Now here we are again. This time the governor invited Ted Nugent, an apparently close friend of the govs, to be the entertainment at the second inauguration for Perry. Nugent was so respectful of his friend at this occasion that he showed up in a cutoff T-shirt with a Confederate flag on it. Did I mention that the ball was black-tie? His performance included machine guns that he used on stage. He shouted offensive words about people who do not speak English.

Is this really the kind of guy Texas wants in office? Oh please. His judgement is clearly in question here. While I am grateful that we are not having such a person running our own state, I shudder to think of the precedent setting situations looming in our own faces because of what he is doing in his own state. Surely the population is getting a clue here? Hopefully, but I won't hold my breath.

For this story, the link is: WKYC TV

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) ---- Musician Ted Nugent is getting mixed reviews for his performance at the second inauguration of Texas Governor Rick Perry.

Nugent appeared on stage at the black-tie gala Tuesday in a cutoff T-shirt with a Confederate flag on it.

He used machine guns as props and shouted offensive remarks about non-English speakers, according to people at the event.

Perry's spokesman, Robert Black, says Nugent is a good friend of the governor's.

Isn't it about time we spoke up here and let others know that we cannot condone such actions by elected officials? After all, Perry may be governor, duly elected, but he does NOT run a kingdom that he can order anything he wants. Even now, his own party is asking him to rescind the order for the vaccines. Why? Because of the public cry and outrage. Surely, there is some clue being gotten here. Hopefully so that none of the rest of us have to endure the same situation in our states. Time to stand up and be counted.

Thank you.

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