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Sunday, February 04, 2007

How Old Is Too Old To Drive?

That's a good question but one that is not that easy to answer. According to the parents of the child that got killed, it is less than the age of the older person who was driving the car. But that is a bit too simplistic. There is a great deal of evidence that there certainly should be a cutoff time so that those who are less able to drive safely should relinquish their licenses and find another way around. However, can you legislate a particular age to such a thing? I doubt it.

The problem is that seniors are staying active and healthy much longer than they used to. They may be a tad slower but not all seniors at a specific age are no longer qualified to drive. It varies from person to person. I think that is as it should be. If you legislate a certain age, you cut off some folks who simply do not deserve the problems this might entail. In other words, it is just not fair to the healthy person who has worked all their lives to so that they can retire but live an active retirement.

While I have sympathy for the mother of the child killed this week and sympathy for the others who have lost relatives to elderly drivers, I would have to say that if you legislate this into law then you must also legislate a law concerning teen drivers, making it harder for them since they have a very high rate of accidents and fatalities. Then, you must look at those others who are young adults since they, too, have the statistics concerning accident rate.

See, it just isn't that simple. I firmly believe that we need to take this on a case by case basis. Frankly, I doubt that it will happen that way but I can hope. Thing is, some day it may be you behind the wheel when someone decides that you are too old even if you may not be. But just because someone else thinks so, you may be banned from driving for the rest of your life.

One more thing. Do not get me wrong here. If a person is too dangerous on the road, they should hang up the keys but I can see problems there. Who decides this? The person themselves? Yeah right. That person will likely believe that they can drive safely whether that is true or not. Perhaps there should be a way to test the driving. Hey, I know. How about the same driving test people take when they first get a license. Wow! Wonder why no one thought of that!

CBS news/healthwatch

(AP) After an 84-year-old driver plowed through an elementary school lunchroom this week, killing an 8-year-old boy, his mother pressed lawmakers to bar the elderly from getting behind the wheel.

"We very much support a mandatory limit on the driving age for seniors," Amanda Wesling wrote in a missive directed at driver Grace Keim, who authorities say was en route to a driving class at a senior citizen's center Monday when she struck and killed 8-year-old Ryan Wesling.

So, the question is...how old is too old to drive? I have no idea and quite likely neither do you.

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