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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Global Warming Debate Shifts To Who Pays

Isn't it always the case? It all comes down to money, the almighty buck. The scientists warn about global warming, which may or may not be the hazard that they say it is. Who knows. Could be or not. But they have been warning about this particular problem for some years now. Humans were recently blamed for the whole thing in a report by those same scientists. Yep, the factory stacks and the cars just have to put out that hot air and fumes. Or was it the aerosol cans now? Possibly the lack of recycling is contributing. Okay, I am being that way.

The problem I see is that they holler and holler about the crisis, in this case the global warming, then when it comes right down to it, the whining begins when no one will fund the project. Wonder why.

CBS new/Sci-Tech

(CBS/AP) An international report giving greater certainty to global warming will shift the debate in Congress from what's causing climate change to the economics of who will pay to confront it.

The outcome will sort out winners and losers.

As lawmakers squabble over the details in a half dozen approaches to reducing the flow of heat-trapping "greenhouse" gases from power plants, cars and factories, an overriding political worry hangs over the process: cost and who will foot the bill.

Did you get that? Lawmakers are squabbling over it. That could take years, probably will. All these warnings sound urgent and yet........

So, what's wrong with this picture? Some well intentioned person or people gave the problem to CONGRESS. Those guys are more interested in funding themselves than spending the money on something unimportant as the fact that at some point our little booties are going to fry. Oh yeah, CONGRESS. Now yer talkin' Won't get a thing accomplished there til the global is warmed, that's what. How's that for fast! Yeah, right.