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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Texas Gov. Rick Perry Orders Mandatory Vaccine For Girls

I am, at this moment, trying very hard to keep my temper in check as I write this about Texas Gov. Rick Perry, a conservative Christian or supposedly one. This person has by-passed all of the state legislature, the voting public, the parents of the girls involved, the girls involved, the schools, the groups who are set up to protect just such situations and quite arrogantly written an order to require mandatory vaccinations against the sexually transmitted virus that causes cervical cancer. He is targeting 11-12 year old girls although he magnanimously is granting the ability for girls that are older to get the same vaccinations. Please take note that I said MANDATORY.

The first question I have to Rick Perry is...who the heck do you think you are, BUD? Trying to be God or something? You are an arrogant jerk who thinks that he can single handedly stop a disease that is going to continue with or without you, Pal. Or do you even READ those scriptures? Surely even you can tell that this is a really bad idea. Whatever happened to citizens' rights or is that passe now? Do you realize that this is the United States not Germany?

This guy plays God while the parents of these girls have NO SAY whatsoever in the lives of their children. The last time I heard about something like this, it was a DICTATOR in a COMMUNIST country. Is Rick Perry now controlling his own little kingdom? Hey, I thought that he was a governor of a state, not a nation. And in case anyone cares to check, I've talked to residents of Texas who do not care for his way of doing things.

It's a shame (YES I said SHAME. Another SHAME of AMERICA that people like this get elected) that most people who go to the polls vote uninformed, don't you think? Those of us in Arkansas certainly know about that. We sure are good at putting tin-horned dictators in office here too. Who am I thinking of? Well, there's our most famous one....Mr. Clinton. Then more recently there is the guy who is trying to gear up to become President, Mr. Huckabee. Mr. Perry and Mr. Huckabee must be thinking along the same lines since Mr. Huckabee is capable of putting through some pretty damaging orders of his own...a la the BMI reports supposed to be attached to report cards for every child in Arkansas.

So, from here it looks to me like the dictator of Texas deserves this....WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? Perhaps you can answer that, Mr. Perry. Want to check it out, Reader? Here ya go:

Yahoo News

And here is the order in all it's glory:

Rick Perry orders

My suggestion here especially if you are from Texas and oppose this order is to contact your congressperson or state legislature. If you are not from Texas and feel as strongly as I do because, at some point since this is a precedent setting order and some bright jerk from another state will grab it and run, contact the Governors office in Texas from the order page or contact your own governor, congressperson or state legislator to speak your mind about it. It is most assuredly worth it to do so especially if you have a daughter. She should not be subjected to such treatment at the hands of some jerk political wannabe.

What's Wrong With This Picture is brought to you by....a very pissed off citizen of what I THOUGHT was the United States. I must be in the wrong place.

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