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Friday, February 02, 2007

Cops Punished For Pregnant Woman Arrest

I have to admit when I first heard of this story this morning, I was ready to blast at the city that could have such incredibly ignorant and cruel police officers on their payroll. I still think that way but the city is doing something about it....after a lawsuit was filed, of course. Here's the story. A woman, who had warrants and traffic violations, was stopped on an apparently routine traffic stop. At that time, she informed the officers that she was bleeding and in need of a hospital. She told them that she was three months pregnant and feared that she was losing the baby. These incredibly civic minded servants (she said sarcastically) ignored her pleas. After NINE requests to go to the hospital the FEMALE officer asked her "What is that to me?"

EXCUSE ME?????? Who is this cruel and snotty person that can ask such a thing of a woman who is BLEEDING??!!!!!! At some point, these FINE UPSTANDING OFFICERS (who in my opinion should no longer have a job and be charged with some type of murder charge) took her to jail where she spent the night. Upon release in the morning, she went to the hospital where she delivered a premature baby boy who died right after birth. Could that child have been saved from this? Only the Lord and the doctors know that but if he could have been cared for properly and lived, then these officers should definitely be charged with murder, again IN MY OPINION. Oh yeah, I should mention that the lady has sued the officers and the city in question. And of course, the city has suspended those people AFTER THE LAWSUIT WAS FILED...yesterday. Oh yeah, that nice city of Kansas City, Mo. has certainly done their duty, right? Right. They are investigating.

By the way, I should mention that ALL of this is on video tape. Exerpts from it can be seen at the CBS news site. I call this "The Shame of America". Okay, this is one incident in one city BUT this type of thing goes on all across the nation in one way or another and it certainly is the SHAME OF AMERICA that this particular city does nothing whatsoever about it until a lawsuit comes up. I'm certain that the lady didn't stay silent about it for almost a year!!!! I would not have. I would have been SCREAMING about it. They almost certainly allowed that child to die while they had their fun taking a "criminal" with traffic violations to jail. They didn't believe her obviously. Guess they didn't see the BLOOD when they checked her in? Gee, does that mean they didn't do their jobs and search her then? COME ON!!!

Welcome to America's Shame. Compassion is not there in those officers. I have to say that I have all the respect in the world for the many, many men and women of the police force across the country that care about people and do not act like that. I'm certain that there are far more of them than there are of this type of person.However, they are definitely out there and I, myself, have run into a few of them too. (I used to drive an over-the-road truck where I saw police and highway patrol nearly everyday. MOST of them are great people, caring and kind.)

Kansas City, Mo., the public calls on you to do your duty to this woman. Investigate it quickly and thoroughly. Then, if your officers are to blame, fire them....and prosecute as if it was a member of the public.

CBS news

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