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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Psychologist makes patient wear dog collar

I have to admit I am searching out the strange and unusual news items at times. This is one of those not-so-unusual items. Seems the doc in charge wanted to get his bulimic patient to trust him so he gets a dog collar, makes her wear it and then he commands her to do what he wants. Well YEAH! That'll make her trust him. How could it not! First thing I have to ask is WHAT"S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?

One thing you have to wonder is just how sick are we as a society? The psychologist seems to need one of his own kind here. The guy is a sicko and he appears to be using his practice (I've always wondered why it is called "practice" when they are supposed to have a degree in whatever they do!) to drum up new fantasies for himself. The truly bizzare thing is that the guy thinks this behavior is all right, says it's within the guidelines of his profession. Excuse me? Are they serious???

Check it out for yourself. Here's the link:

Yahoo News

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