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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Woman jailed after reporting rape

In the newest "What's Wrong With This Picture" we find the fearless police in Tampa, Florida, in an effort to do the right thing?, arrested a woman who had just been raped. Apparently, she had the nerve to have an outstanding warrant. Oh please, police, can't you see the shame in this? At least check out her story first! At least give the woman a break here!

I, too, have had problems with those folks in Tampa. Nah, I didn't do anything important. It was actually a misunderstanding that resulted in my staying, as a guest, in the graybar overnight. Why? Because the police in that town do not have ears to hear anything but the one who complains, regardless of motive, about anyone else. I do believe that these wonderful officers of the law go to a different police academy than the rest of the country. They have their own type of law and it ain't "user friendly" to the public.

One note of disclaimer here. I don't believe in such a thing as a morning-after pill to prevent a potential pregnancy. Don't now. Never will. It is against my beliefs. However, these folks didn't just prevent that. Want to read the story? Here is the link:

Yahoo News