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Monday, January 29, 2007

People Who Don't Listen

In my life, I've had numerous people around me who, for whatever reason, would not listen to a thing I said, no matter how urgent or critical. They appeared to be deaf. I was talking greek. They look at you as if you have three heads. It isn't pretty and it is annoying to the max. More recently, I have been blessed with folks around me who do listen. My family. At least they care enough to listen. What a relief.

However, haven't you ever had something you had to say that was so important that it could not wait BUT some yahoo blows it off as if you were speaking in another language? (Here you might like to read about rude salespeople) Frankly, there are blogs and articles all over the internet about dirty politicians, for instance, and people will go to the polls as if they were sheep. They don't vote their conscience. They vote for the cutest butt or the best looking bod. They vote for the biggest liar because they can't tell the little ones from the bigger ones. They vote for the top name because they have no clue at all who these people are and wouldn't even if they had had a nine month study course on them. These are the uninformed, the social and political illiterate who will get out and vote. It won't mean a thing to them except that they got to be in that booth and pull a lever or touch that screen. WHEEEE!!!

But what does it mean to the rest of us who give a crap about who is in office, who will one day legislate our freedoms completely out (not terribly far from that now)? It means that the United States of America, land of the free and home of the brave won't be....free or brave. Someday soon, we will be told what we can and cannot do when we want to speak out against someone or something. Oh wait, we already have that.

How about "Free Speech Zones"? Know what they are? Ah well, those are areas where the local or national law enforcement officials will put you when a candidate or elected official comes by. It is usually a block or two away from the action so that the person you want to see is unable to see you. After all, you might be a terrorist. And isn't everyone a terrorist these days? Excuse me but aren't we just a tad TOO PARANOID here?

Or maybe you just want to go into the capitol building where the laws are made. They have their chaplain pray over the sessions each day BUT you cannot pray for anything out in the rest of the building. Why? Because they have rules against it. Land of the free? Yeah right.

In the end, the real tragedy is going to be that those uninformed, who frankly do not know about free speech zones and not praying in the capitol building, will vote in the inept, the clueless and the downright criminals in the know who will take over our country and disregard our freedoms much like they already are doing right this moment. SO, what will these bumbling idiots say then? It will, of course, be blamed on someone else. After all, THEY got out and voted. It wasn't THEIR fault that the candidate they voted in did all of the damage. But maybe if they listened to people who tell them that they are helping to kill our freedoms.....think they will? NAH! But we need to continue to try to get to them. If we don't, we are as bad as they are.