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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Co-Ed Sleepovers

I have to tell you that before I ran across this little item, I had never heard of such a thing as co-ed sleepovers. Frankly, it sounds wrong and dangerous to start with. Then, as you find out about it, it doesn't get any better. Okay, I guess my age is showing here but how about some common sense, if such a thing exists anymore, which I am beginning to believe does not.

So, the deal is this. Teens, boys and girls, get together at someone's house and sleep in the same rooms together. It is supposedly like your basic sleepovers with, again, supposedly no hanky panky. Uh huh. Did hormones take a vacation or something? From what I have seen, we are talking about 13-16 year old girls and boys who are on the honor system to simply have an allnighter and nothing but talking is going to happen. Who is kidding who?

What is even more shocking to me.........yes, I AM shocked...........is that there are adult mothers out there that think this is just fine. "After all, they have been friends since sandbox days. The boys would never hurt the girls, ever. They think of each other as family, brothers and sisters. So it's just fine. They ALL respect each other too much to do anything wrong." ACK!!!! I don't think so. Are you going to let your kid sleep over with the opposite sex? Is this really a good idea? What's wrong with this picture?