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Friday, January 26, 2007

Rude Salespeople

I realize that this is not the greatest problem in the world but it IS a problem, from time to time. Rude salespeople are those who know you need something but will do anything to keep from helping you. They have sized you up and found you wanting in some regard. Reminds me of the scene in "Pretty Woman" where the salesperson put her nose in the air and wanted the Julia Roberts character (lady of the evening) to leave the store because, in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive, she couldn't POSSIBLY be in the right place. Salespeople have tried to make me feel that way from time to time. That used to intimidate me but no longer. I am older and wiser. But they are still an annoyance. Still act as though they are better than others. It is sad.

Frankly, they need to be pitied rather than treated like for like as I used to want to do. On the other hand, where we live, there is a (snicker) SUPERCENTER Walmart where the folks are truly kind and helpful. Well, most of them. It is a blessing.