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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Pill Commercials

I have just about had all I can stand of those pill and medicine commercials. We not only mute them but also refuse to watch them. Everything I know about them now is a holdover from when we saw them. They're on all of the time, especially during the news. Guess the companies are targeting the more intellectual crowd, right? So, from what I can tell, the commercials are geared specifically to tell you how sick you are and how much you need those particular pills. They will tell you that the advertising is in the name of keeping you informed but how informed do you need to be? It couldn't be that these ads are somewhat biased maybe? Nah. Why would anyone say that??

We get told how, if you are a man, and you take this product, you will perform better. There are a whole lot of warnings about it though. Frankly, it makes the med sound like you are risking your life taking it. Then there are the artery cleaners, arthritis stuff, stomach meds, something to clean out mucus. And with each ad goes the warnings and cautions that you might get this and/or that. It really sounds life threatening to take the stuff. Here at home, we ask each other...why would anyone be stupid enough to take that stuff?

You know what, I didn't know we were that sick! According to these ads, we are almost at death's door if we do not take it and QUICKLY! (oh but, see your doctor before you begin any new meds...like you would want to take it without that????) Perhaps I am giving the public more credit than they have coming but I actually thought that people would have more sense than to take meds without a doctor's approval. Oh yeah. Look who I'm talking about. What was I thinking??!!!

These commercials are there strictly to scare you into buying their product. They want you to believe that their product and ONLY theirs could possibly make you not sick anymore. They are all about FEEL GOOD. I can't help thinking that the doctors would love it if those ads went way far away. I'm wondering how many folks, after having seen some of these commercials, go straight to the doctor complaining of just those symptoms and expect to be prescribed exactly that med or those pills. Sounds to me like it would drive the doctors nuts with all those patients going in to inquire about this med and that one when the ones you are on are perfectly good, that is, if you needed meds in the first place.

See, the drug companies bank on the fact that this country is all about feel good and paranoia. They are trying to program the public to feel sick enough to need the product. If you do not think that you are being programed, please think about how many of those commercials you see on an average night. Then see if you can think of one or two of those products. Now, how much do you know about those products? If it's what the ads say, then you most certainly are getting the full campaign.

Hey congress, how about legislating all those medicine ads OFF THE AIRWAVES like you did the cigarette ads, hmm? That way, people would have to actually do some research on the meds they want to buy instead of simply believing everything they see. America is getting sicker and sicker. Why not ask yourself why!

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