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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Is THIS How We Treat TEACHERS Now?

Not too long ago, I read an article and blog about this teacher in Norwich, Conn. that is facing several years in prison because she supposedly allowed children to see pornographic popups on her computer screen in her classroom. Of course, if you really read the article, you will see that she had spyware on the computer that she didnt know about AND had told the asst. principal and several teachers about it. Despite that, she has already been convicted of four counts "endangering kids".

Thing is, the spyware wasnt hers, it popped up without her wanting it and she did tell several people about it. Nevertheless, the obviously "well informed" police said that it was downloaded from actively visiting porn sites. IS ANYONE ACTUALLY THAT STUPID????? Hello??? Computer is in a classroom, on school property, in front of children who WILL tell their parents about the weird pictures on teacher's computer, popups come like it or not and hey if that isnt good enough for ya, the software that the oh so righteous school owned that was SUPPOSED to guard against all that was out of date. Come on here. Is anyone going to get serious about this? It certainly isnt the court. It isnt the police. The DA? Nah. Of course, the only one thats getting serious is the poor woman who is now going to prison, having her life ruined by evil, small minded, brainless people. What a wonderful world!

Question I have is this...you ever have unwanted porn popups come on your computer? I have. Its not only totally annoying, I HATE it. I do not visit that type of site but the popups come from a variety of places that you might even find innocently, places that advertise such things. Its been known to happen.

Here's your shot to see for yourself:



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