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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Nasty Side of Life...Via the ACLU

Today, I learned that no matter how rural an area we live in, the nastiest parts of life will show up anyway. Where we live, the Bible is still the biggest source of information. In our school system, for years, the Gideons have come in and distributed small pocket Bibles to children who wish to have them. They are NOT forcing anyone to take them. It is a gift, pure and simple.

Yet, we are now being told by a letter to our board of education from the lofty, know-it-all, it's really for your own good, ACLU, that in our particular school system that we are NOT ALLOWED to have this. And WORSE, the board of lack-of-education has decided to buckle under to these people simply because the board was told that it was unconstitutional to have Bibles given out on public school property. ARE THEY SERIOUS??? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?? Who do they actually think they are??? The ACLU actually do not live here, do not work here, do not spend their money here. All they do is ruin other peoples' lives by deciding who can and who cannot do things or have things.

We are being subject to the law and rules according to the ACLU. I cannot object more strenuously. These people find one or two people who don't usually have the sense God gave them and USE THEM to gain their own ground at the Supreme Court level. As far as I can tell, from everything I've ever read about them, they could care less about the person or people. All they care about is their own agendas. It is a means to an end. It is time to STOP THE MADNESS. Contact your congressperson now!!! (that is, if they haven't been bought off by the same ACLU)

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