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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Trading Stock Options-The Real How To

Whether you are a novice investor like I am or a seasoned veteran at stock options, this website is for you. I liked it because it gives the "how to" of trading.

At PowerOptions, they have the perfect options trading software which is totally unique. SmartSearchXL® is not available anywhere else due to their patented software. They have a complete suite of educational materials along with the toll free customer support so needed in this day and time. PowerOptions does provide the data you need to invest. This company has the tools and strategies to succeed when others fail. With their totally unique software, they are able to help you find the stocks you want, comparison shop, analyze your options and finally, make the money you want to make on stock options trading.

PowerOptions continues to claim itself the only internet-based data provider with the SmartSearchXL® software capable of giving the investor the highest return possible with their patented decision support technology.

This company gives you the competitive edge you need with their online tools. So, trade options with the confidence that they give you.

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Yet Another Breach In Security

I see that we have had yet another breach in security at the Baghdad site for the U.S. Embassy currently under construction. The detailed plans were seen on the internet. Even though this was a sensitive project with extremely tight security, the plans were posted on the web by the Kansas City, Mo. architectual firm that was working on the projectioned computer-generated embassy. This is to be a heavily fortified structure. The plans were only removed after the State Department contacted them.

The 10 images included the overall layout of the compound plus individual buildings including the embassy itself, office annexes, the Marine Corps security post, a swimming pool, a recreation center and the ambassador's and deputy ambassador's residences.

The parent group of the Kansas City architech firm, contractor Louis Berger Group, says that the whole thing is very preliminary and would not help anyone wanting to attack the compound.

The government officials do say that damage "may" have been done but they will not state what amount.

Meanwhile, the construction itself is under heavy guard, highly secure, only those with special passes are allowed inside. The compound is surrounded by very tall concrete blast walls and impossible to see except by air. The 104 acre site will include twenty buildings and a highly secure, classified structure and housing for 380 embassy families.

The U.S. Senate foreign relations committee says that the compound will have extraordinary security. Uh, sure. There has been a breach in security and it has not even been finished yet. If I were part of the embassy family group, I surely would not want to live there. I'll stay in the good ol' U.S. of A. thanks.

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We have two cats, one is going on 9 and the other going on 5 years old. The older cat, a female named Kitty (We had little imagination with her name. It is actually Kitana but has rarely heard it.) is getting a bit grouchy in her older age. She has no use for the younger cat, a boy named Gizmo, who is still quite like a kitten. He plays with his food and Kitty's tail.

These two are a comedy act a good deal of the time. If left alone, Gizmo will get on a chair and Kitty will go under the chair. At that point, Gizmo is looking for her to show up. He tries to see her under the chair. He knows the drill, of course. She, on the other hand, is plotting a plan of attack by way of the tail that drapes over the edge. Gizmo is "kitty fishing". Kitty will then attack said tail which is whipped around as he bats at her. Kitty bats back. They are batting each other's paws. This lasts for a little while. Then Kitty gets "in a mood" and hisses at Gizmo. A good man, he does not take this personally or seriously. Usually, he jumps over her to escape. He runs through the house meowling (A cross between a meow and yowl) at the top of his voice, I suppose to tell all that he escaped. We are not sure about that.

When the girls go to school, Gizmo meowls through the house telling all about that too. In fact, he is the town crier. Kitty's job is to monitor the water bowl. If it should get low, as in less than half full, she sits behind it to get someone's attention. Should that not happen, she pushes the bowl to the center of the room without regard to the level of water in the bowl. We frequently find out about the bowl from the spilled water. The bowl is now empty and really in need of filling.

Kitty is also the food monitor. She alerts all to the emptiness of a food bowl, hers. However, she does not tell us truthfully because her bowl is usually about a third full with a huge crater in the middle. This suggests emptiness therefore the alert. She is also the caretaker of the "kitty potty" and alerts us to the condition of said potty. Of course, quite often it is she who has fouled it in the first place.

Gizmo has potty duty too. His chore is to bury Kitty's leavings because when Gizmo joined the family, Kitty decided she did not have to do this little job anymore.

If you have furr people like we do, you know it is a blessing. We are truly blessed by them and the oldest member of the animal group, Jaz, our Shi Tzu Poo who has some type of strange allergy that leaves her without hair. She is almost 13 years old and will have absolutely nothing to do with the felines. She is the old lady of the bunch and I suppose she feels she deserves to be left alone. They are gracious enough to do that.

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Where To Get Fresh Mailing Lists And Sales Leads

One of the several things that a new business would need is contacts. Probably the best way to have that is to get email addresses, physical addresses and phone numbers of prospective clients. At one time, I used mailing lists to send out advertising for products that I had for sale. Today, with the technology we have at hand, email lists as well as physical addresses and phone numbers are far easier to get than before.

Of course, it is essential that the latest lists are available. At Martin Worldwide, they have just such lists. They are equiped to handle email lists, Mailing Lists, telemarketing lists and sales leads, all fresh and available to you.

So, why choose Martin Worldwide since there are many companies that handle this sort of thing? They have the largest database in the country with 290 million consumers and 14 million businesses. Their data is updated frequently. They can insure that the lists are fresh which is a very important item.

If you would like a free quote, check online for their 888 number for a free no-obligation consultation.

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Cold War Comes To The New Century

Russia's President, Vladimir Putin, has declared that new Russian missle tests are in response to Washington's intended deployment of defense missles in Europe. The Russian leader has suggested that we are involved in a new arms race.

For those of us who lived through the "Cold War" of the 50's and 60's, it isn't a great thing to be hearing the same war murmurings again from the leaders of the world. Putin criticized what he calls imperialism (the usual name given to the United States during war talk) in worldwide affairs and warned that Russia will strengthen its military potential to maintain a global strategic balance.

Putin claims that they (the Russians) are not starting this new arms race. I'm sorry. That statement does not hold water. Our country is deploying defense missles much like those we have already had in other countries with agreements. We have had this for a multitude of years. Only now does this so-called leader of the Russian people decide that we are starting a new arms race.

If what he is saying is true, then they could certainly be one of the most dangerous countries to us on the planet. However, my guess is that the missles that Russia has out there will be more likely to aim at Israel and the northern part of the United States than anywhere else in the world. He states that they have done tests of a new ballistic missile capable of carrying multiple nuclear warheads and a new cruise missile. These are part of the Russian response to the planned deployment of new U.S. military bases and missile defense sites in ex-Soviet satellites in Central and Eastern Europe.

Frankly, Mr. Putin, this all sounds like sour potatoes to me. Sounds like you didn't get there first, didn't think of it first. As a major power in the world, we have an obligation to protect ourselves and our friends. If that hurts your pride, sorry about that. If it hurts you politically, can't say I am sorry about that.

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Last Thing We Need...More Harry Potter

I realize that there are a whole load of Harry Potter fans out there but I am definitely not one of them. With the books teaching our children to be wizards and casting spells, I think that the books themselves are dangerous. Now they want to have a Harry Potter theme park. Oh no way!! But they will whether any of us like it or not.

So, the only way to deal with the problem is to boycott the theme park when it opens or put up enough blogs and articles online to tell the people building this that it is not acceptable. Unfortunately, a lot of Potter fans are going to embrace the idea of the park.

Universal Orlando Resort is opening "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter" in 2009 complete with the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the Forbidden Forest and Hogsmeade village.

What is particularly scary to me is that teens and smaller readers of the books are anxiously awaiting the opening of this park because they would rather be on a Harry Potter ride than go to Disney World in Orlando. Some of these teens cannot seem to get enough of the books already. Some have read all the books, seen all the movies.

While 325 million copies of the books have been sold, they have also been translated into 65 languages as well. Isn't it about time that the Christian community addresses this problem and problem it is. Our young people are being subjected to this spiritual trash just as they are with the heavy metal bands out there. When are we going to wake up?

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Need Online Backup For Your Business Or Personal Computer?

When the harddrive crashes and you have to start over, wouldn't it be great if all of what was on your computer were already saved somewhere else so that you didn't have the sinking sensation that everything you worked for is gone?

At IDrive-E they offer online backup storage space so that you do not have that particular problem. For business and for your personal computers, they have 2GB of space for FREE! Yes, I said free. They can even offer you a program to automatically backup your files and folders, hands free.

For personal computers, you can have the 2GB of free space. Also, there is an option to upgrade to IDrive-E pro version.

For businesses, a small fee will bring you unlimited backup storage space. You can have mulitple accounts for your small business.

All of this is completely secure , encrypted with 256 bit AES. What could be better than this?

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TB Carrier In Treatment

The guy who had TB and traveled on an airplane is now in treatment in Denver where they specialize in this type or resistant TB. The man, who ironically is a personal injury lawyer, knew that he had TB when he boarded a plane for Europe from Atlanta in mid May. The tragedy is that he was headed there for his wedding and honeymoon and could have infected many people in the process. He says that he did NOT know that the particular extremely dangerous strain was drug resistant until he got to Rome.

Unfortunately, this is a person who does not listen to advice well since he was told not to board another long flight by federal health officials but he did that anyway on his way home for the treatment of the TB. Federal officials then quarantined in the first action of it's kind since 1963.

Also ironic is the fact that his new father-in-law is a CDC microbiologist specializing in the spread of TB. He says that he gave the young man of 31 some "fatherly" advice. Apparently since then, the man sought treatment.

Officials at the Denver hospital believe that he is in the early stages of the disease and appears to be healthy. They are optimistic that he can be cured. They have quarantined him in a room he will not be able to leave for several weeks.

In the meanwhile, health officials in Europe and North America are trying to track down some 80 or so passengers who traveled on the same flights with him as well as the short flights he took while in Europe.

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Want More College? An Online University For You!

Note: This blog post is based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit Blogitive.com.

In the past, I wanted to get more education than I had already so I went to a college locally (where I was livng at the time). Had I had the opportunity to take courses online and earn any one of several online degrees available, it would have been so much better because I had a child to raise. School would have been so great but I never did finish. Today, we all have the opportunity to get a much better education in the comfort of our own homes.

Capella University offers several online degrees. Perhaps one is the degree you always wanted. They have Psychology, Social and Community services, Human Resources, Finance, Criminal Justice, Health Care and many more.

You can now earn your degree from an accredited online university. This way you can fit your education into a busy life. When you realize that your education is an investment in your future, you can see why the online university may be the way to go if you have a problem getting to a school with the type of degree you are looking for. If tuition is a problem, financial aid is available in several forms.

Capella offers 82 graduate and undergraduate specialized courses and 16 certificate programs.

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Steve Jobs And Bill Gates Together And Nice! WOW!

Huge rivals, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates who have been at war with each other for years, have come together in one place to talk nicey nice about each other. Have I landed in the twilight zone? No, they showed up to have a 90 minute chat with Wall Street Journal columnist Walt Mossberg and technology reporter Kara Swisher at the newspaper's "D: All Things Digital" conference.

Both guys were going back over the things they have accomplished over the last years. One of the people, Swisher, asked about the misunderstanding that has been in the way for years, the reply was "We've kept our marriage secret for over a decade now." joked Steve Jobs.

"Neither of us have anything to complain about, in general. It's been fun to work together." said Bill Gates.

Microsoft and Apple worked together for some time in the 1970's but they are still big rivals.

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And The Spammer Went Down

Yesterday, one of the top spammers in this country (USA) was caught and jailed. Hats off to the law enforcement people involved in catching the guy who has been a huge problem for all of us who have email. That would be almost all of us. The non affected people would likely be those whose email is on a website instead of coming directly to the computer like mine does.

Here was a guy who took full advantage of the recent technology and used it to get people to his site. They then could sign up for him to send out thousands of emails which would then make a computer a "zombie" meaning that it would send out emails that the owner of the computer did not know anything about. The person who paid this guy, I guess, thought that it was a legitimate business option and paid out $495 for the service. The man, Robert Alan Soloway, has been a thorn in the side of thousands of people worldwide with his tactics.

Last week, a federal grand jury returned a 35-count indictment against Soloway. He is now residing in federal custody.

All I can say here is HALLELUJAH!! Thank goodness, they finally got him. According to officials at Microsoft, who believe that he was a huge problem for their customers, emails should be far less likely to have as much spam as in the past. I'm really ready for less spam.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Vacation To Scottsdale, Arizona

Have you been in the southwestern part of the United States? If not, it is fantastically beautiful. By the time you have checked it out, you will probably decide it's time to move to Arizona to find more out about scottsdale realty . Scottsdale Fine Properties has your dream home in their listings. Put your dream home stats into the Dream Home Finder. If you can't find a wonderful luxury home, which is hard to believe having looked at the beautiful pictures of the current listings of homes in the area, contact them for help.

These homes are excellent for quality living or for an investment for your future. They focus on the high end living with luxury homes, vacation homes, condos, executive homes, golf properties, land and seasonal properties.

If after all this you still just want to vacation, they have THE PLACE for you to rest and relax in luxury. Check out the pictures they have on their site. After that, you will certainly want to travel there.

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Scam Alert For Pet Lovers Everywhere

The latest in a long list of internet and email scams has surfaced, this time trying to take the money of unsuspecting pet lovers. Absolutely adorable pictures of puppies are posted. The person or people posting say they are breeders who are having to sell or even give away the puppies.

Usually the so-called breeders say that the pups need some type of medical care or that the breeder is relocating to some other country and need a home in the United States for the pet. The folks who go for this are looking for rare breeds or want something no one else has. So, the "breeder" communicates by email to tell his plight.

As is no surprise to those who watch these things, Nigeria is one of the chief places where these scam emails comes from. Scammers lift the pictures from legitimate breeder or pet owner websites.

What happens is the scammer lures the person to a website. When the unsuspecting person sees the puppies' pictures, they feel sorry for the pups or they want a bargain so they send in the money, sometimes hundreds or thousands of dollars. First they get the person with the shipping which is extremely high. Then, what follows are certain costs like innoculations, taxes, customs. The puppies are never delivered.

Posted by From Arkansas at 11:25 PM
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$5 In Free Calls With Signup

Want to save on international calls? How about a prepaid phone card that is a money saver? Pingo says that this is the last phone card you will ever need! I was somewhat sceptical about their claims but when they said that about 90% of their customers repeat, it made a difference. They are a top prepaid calling card provider. If you sign up with them now, they will give you $5 in free calls.

You will like the fact that they have no hidden fees at all. They have the best rates for the caller worldwide. Oh and there are no surprises. What you see is what you get. Not bad so far. Then, when you sign up you get 4 hours of free calling time on international calls. How about calling India? Usually pretty expensive, right? Not here. discount prepaid calling cards for India are now cheaper than ever with Pingo.

How about calling on Father's Day? Want to make that call to Dad but you don't have a way to do it? Pingo has a special $10 in free Father's Day calls. There is a special discount coupon code on the site. Just sign up and go get it.

They even have a $25 Gift Card giveaway. Check out the Pingo site to sign up.

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You Know You Are In The Twilight Zone When....

I noticed in the news this morning that in the Netherlands, they have I guess you would call it a reality game show called "Big Donor Show". Contestants vie for the grand prize, a kidney from a young lady, 37 yrs. old, who is terminally ill. Unlike what it sounds like, the lady is fine with this since she wanted to know who was going to receive the lifesaving organ before she died.

The program will air on Dutch TV on this Friday evening. The contestants tell their stories and share what day to day life is like for them in a bid for, not only the sympathy of the donor, but also, more importantly, the audience. This is a 90 minute show that will include interviews with the family and friends of the people who need the organ.

The chairman of BNN, the network in the Netherlands, that is broadcasting this game show, says that the whole thing is tasteless but it brings in viewers. He feels that it is much more tasteless for these poor, ill people to have to wait it out on a donor list for years. He goes on to say that "at least the contestants in the show have a 33 percent chance of getting a new kidney. They would have to wait much longer in real life for the same deal." Despite his beliefs on the subject, the Dutch politicians and the media have censured the network for allowing such a show to air and for exploiting such a serious issue just for a ratings grab.

Not only is this tasteless but it is definitely exploiting the catastrophy of people's lives. It puts the plight of these folks out in the public eye, which in some cases could be great, but in this case is simply exploiting them, getting their hopes up when they should not. This is not right and it sets a horrifying precedent that we will not want to have in our future.

What happens when another idea comes floating in about a TV show that has contestants vie for the next body part but this time it's for parts of a guy who is NOT sick. Maybe they get volunteers (people will volunteer for anything these days) or it might be someone who did not volunteer but is captured. No way, you say. Not in this country! Yeah right.

This country is totally free too, right? We do not have laws that will harm us someday soon, right? This country is free politically but you can't protest in front of a President or candidate. They show you the " free speech zone" as the person passes you by. This country is free religiously but in the Capitol building you cannot pray openly in the rotunda or you will be escorted out. It is against the rules in the same place that has prayer before they open their meetings. This country is free except when you want to show the Ten Commandments in a government building, owned BY THE PEOPLE, I might add.

Are you kidding me? If people had a clue about all this, they would band together like they did after September 11th. (remember that? Everyone had something to say about the towers and what the enemy did to us. No one does that anymore.) They would get together to take out these stupid and extremely damaging TV shows. It is not about TV shows. It is about our very heritage, our beliefs, our freedom, the thing that our forefathers fought for in the wars, to preserve our freedoms from harm. Is this keeping us from harm to have such shows? No! Then do something about it. Take up the cry. This is going to bite us one day if we do not.

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Violent Crime Stats Rising--Why Is This A Surprise?

The newest report from the FBI, there always is one from somewhere, says that violent crime is rising. Well DUH! There are more murders, robberies and other felonies and the numbers are rising for the second year in a row. What a surprise. Not really.

When a society has no problem whatsoever in putting out trash like the violent, graphic games for PC and game boxes, then why be surprised that it is coming back to haunt us. Over and over we are told that children and young adults that go on killing sprees or have some encounter with weapons in a threatening manner have done some horrible thing like kill people and then these same people are surprised.

Parent--"Sonny isn't capable of that!! No way!!"

Detective--"Did you buy your child the PC game he has been playing for months?"

Parent--"Well, yes but that had nothing to do with these murders, nothing at all. It's harmless."

Detective--"Harmless. Guess that's where the kid learned to kill people because it's harmless. Right lady. Do you know what the game does?"

Parent--"No, my child says it's a fun game. I have never seen the game myself. He plays it all the time with his friends. It keeps him from doing bad things like drugs."

More games of the violent nature are sold each and every year. What is really horrifying is that the parents are buying the games for the kids when the rating for the game is MATURE instead of FOR ALL AGES. The kid begs and begs or acts up until the parent gives in and gets the thing. Then the parents wonder why the child has done some horrible deed. They start to wonder where they went wrong. Gee, I wonder too.

Of course, it is not totally the parent's fault here. The game makers have a role too. They put this trash out for the world to see just how incredibly stupid the makers can be. Are you kidding me? These games are filled with murder, theft of police cars, no less, and other moronic things that teach the young person that these things are okay to experience. The makers say that the kid gets it out of his system this way. Uh, excuse me? They say it's fun. Sure. It's fun to have virtual sex with a prostitude and then murder her. I am sure it is for the perverted minds that think up these things.

For the record, I am so totally against these trashy games that I hope the factory does a meltdown sometime really soon. Is today too soon? Nope.

Posted by From Arkansas at 9:35 PM
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Smorty Is A Great Place!

Over the last few years, my husband and I were looking for good places to work online to earn some extra money. Not too many offers are for real. Most are scams to get your money or promise the world but do not deliver anything. But now we have discovered how to blog for money!

Recently, we joined Smorty, a company involved in blog advertising. I decided to reserve judgement until I had tried the place, give it a chance. They came through with flying colors and then some. My blog was approved fairly quickly. Some make you wait a long time. When I got to my own page, I found opportunities to write a post right away! It's fantastic. You can have one opportunity at a time but once you do that one, you just pick another one! It's that simple.

They want you to have a blog that is 3 months old and indexed by Google and Yahoo! Thing is, you get paid to blog! Try Smorty! It's free to join and pays you to write.

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Even The Reporters Blow It Once In A While

Remember the New Jersey Governor that didn't have his seatbelt on when his car crashed? He did some heavy time in the hospital and recovery. Jon Corzine was riding in the front seat of a State Police driven SUV when the near fatal accident occurred. Because he did not have a seatbelt on, he was seriously injured.

Matt Lauer interviewed Corzine about that crash and the lack of seatbelt. Naturally, the Gov. was not happy to have broken the laws in his own state. Of course, Mr. Lauer apparently did not learn from the lesson either. A few weeks later, Lauer was on the Today show, in the back seat of an SUV Republican Presidental hopeful, Mitt Romney. Ahem. Neither person was wearing a seatbelt!

The boo boo was noticed before the show aired today but Mr. Lauer needed to address the situation as did Mr. Presidental hopeful, Romney. Both were sorry about the oversight. Uh, guys? Law of the land. Newscaster is one thing...he should set a good example. However, Mr. Romney wants the highest seat in the land but does not want that seat to have a seatbelt!!! Set a good example, Mr. Not-ready-for-primetime politician.

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Fitness Is The Key To Life

If there is one thing that I am finally getting to see, it is that fitness is a major key to a good, healthy life. The reason it hits me so hard is that I am not fit and I should be. At my age if I'm not getting there by now, it could be a real health hazard.

At My Fitness Pal, you can join free! They have a free diet program. These folks look like they know what they are talking about. There is a calorie counter on the site which is fast and very easy to use. Have you ever wanted to know what the nutritional content is when you eat something? I know, the labels are great on food products but what if you don't have the label? These people have the answers. Do you want to make better food choices? This is the place to go.

Okay, not convinced yet? Here's what's on the site:

A food diary that is totally yours.

A food database with over 6000 entries and it is growing everyday.

A personal food database that includes all your recipes and food favs.

Discussion forums with folks just like you trying to do the same thing.

A profile that is personalized just for you.

Support for any diet out there.

This place is totally free, no credit card required. You will have support 24/7 though the message boards. The plan helps you count carbs, calories and much more. Sign up for the free newsletter too. Hey, did I say it was FREE? It's FREE!

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Thompson Possibly Running For Pres.

After viewing some of the candidates for the Presidental run I have to say that my choice is not final. There just are not a whole lot of good choices here. Frankly, I do not find any really good picks for the hotseat at the moment. The one that might just get out in the front with a bunch of work is John McCain but that's a stretch at the present time.

Now, if Fred Thompson chooses to run, I just might want to see more of him. He was senator from Tennessee from 1994-2003. Yes, he is an actor but then, actors are doing pretty good in political life. Let's see, there was Ronnie Reagan. Not bad there. He got all the way to the top. Then there is the former wrestler that made Gov. in Minnesota. How about Arnie? He can't be Pres. but he does the Governator thing. Anyone remember Gopher on the Love Boat? His name is Fred Grandy and he ran for and won 4 terms as senator from the state of Iowa. He left congress to run unsuccessfully for Governor.

Thompson hasn't declared his intentions yet but if he does run, I will want to hear a whole lot more from him!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Building An Online Store-Full Package

Are you wanting to build a new online store but do not have the place to go? Need some help with the software? Do you have questions about how to start your store? The solution to your problem is Shopping Cart Software by Ashop Commerce.

They can help you create your own online store your way. All the problems can be solved in one place, Ashop Commerce. The first thing is that they have a demo for you to see what the Shopping Cart Software is capable of. You can compare features and choose the pricing package to fit the needs of your online business. Working with ecommerce software, the mystery is gone. Only a small monthly fee gets you in business. They will give you advice on all areas.

Your shopping cart will be full because it can handle the credit cards online. This is affordable and easy to use. It will only take you a few hours to have a brand new online store up and running. They will give you the technical support and customer service that helps you succeed. With 100% optimized Shopping Carts you can be found on the search engines. Don't forget. The designs are totally customizable for that personal touch. No templates to mess with. They have a unique design creator with no restrictions at all! This is your total solution.

Get your 10 day free trial. You don't need a credit card for that.

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Cleavage In The Workplace-Yes Or No?

A current controversial debate is about cleavage in the workplace. The question is...is it appropriate? You might be surprised to know that most women AND men believe that it does not belong. It is entirely too distracting for everyone.

The problem is that what might be appropriate for a sexy night out on the town is definitely not right for the office where people need to dress for success. The success is not to get the latest boyfriend but to get ahead in the business world.

The question then becomes, do you want to be taken seriously? For those ladies who do, the secret is to show some breast but not to show it all. Recent studies, whereever anyone chooses to study such things, have found out that a medium breast size is generally taken seriously, unlike the very large and the extremely small. Go figure.

Frankly, my opinion of this is that a woman should dress conservatively and very businesslike. That would be taken seriously. Breasts in the workplace? What's wrong with this picture?

Technology Comes To Your House In Pictures

Have you ever heard of a digital picture frame before? I had never heard of or seen one until today. They are amazing.

At Digital Framz they have digital frames for any of your digital pictures or videos. No longer do you have to go to the store and get them developed. Just take the photos or videos you like, then switch your memory card to the digital photo frame. That's it. Then you can watch your pictures in a slideshow. Just like any other frame, these digital frames will fit into any decor and are fun too.

The frames are very stylish, fitting into any situation you choose, a man on the go, businesswoman or a family setting. Imagine your wedding photos on the wall changing as you remember each event. How about that video, including sound, showing your favorite moments in time. And, they will include a 128 MB memory card with any 9 and 10 inch frame order. They ship fast too. Order today and they ship tomorrow. The shipping is worldwide.

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Virtual Tour Makes It Seem Real From 2000 Years Ago

People in Cincinnati are able to take virtual tours into the Ohio River Valley, now in development, and see brillant green grasslands and beautiful sparkling blue lakes and rivers. They will see the area as it was some 2000 years ago. This is achieved by a computerized fly-over. This wonderful virtual tour is at the Cincinnati Museum Center's interactive video tour of Fort Ancient and other earthworks.

Today, museums and educators lean heavily on video with animation, graphics and technology we once only dreamed about in order to show what historical texts and maps could not.

Cincinnati is not the only place doing this. The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation is currently creating a recently found theater in Williamsburg which is the 18th century capital of Virginia. They plan on adding animation as well as creating a virtual tour of the whole town.

Virtual heritage tours and exhibits are getting quite popular in Asia, Europe, Japan, Italy and Germany. These were novel ideas a number of years ago, written about in science fiction but not a reality until recently. And now they are gaining interest in the United States as well.

This is extremely fascinating to me and I cannot wait until this is available to those of us who are in the boonies.

Posted by From Arkansas at 12:16 AM
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Monday, May 28, 2007

You Can Own It---A Couple Of Thousand Years From Now! Cheap!

Some guy is planning to sell real estate from Hawaii. The catch is that the land that he is planning to sell does not actually exist as land right now. He is about to launch a sales campaign to sell oceanfront property that won't be available for many years to come. Currently, the land is about 3000 ft. below sea level. This whole deal is on a volcano that is located about 20 miles from Honolulu.

His website, which will be up and running soon, will allow prospective buyers to purchase land for the bargain basement price of $39.95. The sucker...er, buyer gets a brochure and a "deed". However, it would be sort of like the guys who are selling stars in the "yeah right" dept. You would get the paper but is it worth the ink and paper it is printed on. Most say "nope".

Sounds too much like a scam. For instance, you would not be able to stand on the land in your own lifetime. Oh, you want to deed it to the kiddies? They probably wouldn't be able to stand on it either. It appears to be "wait a few millenia" type thing. I do not believe we have that long in any event. Jesus is coming back and soon. I do not believe that you will need property that He will own anyway. Just my take on that.

PayPerPost Goes Direct

One of the things you will notice on my blog page, if you scroll down on the right side, you will see a button that says to hire me to write for you. That is called PayPerPost Direct. It gives you an opportunity to hire me to use blog advertising for your site, thank you!

There has been a new release of PayPerPost.com and the posties are the winners with the new addition of PayPerPost Direct. The competitors charge up to 50% and 100% markup on a blogger's post, keeping a lot of the money, and has a middle guy in the deal. PPP Direct cuts out the middleman which is a genuine savings for the blogger. PPP Direct only charges a small fee of 10% for services, 5% of the fee is usually for Paypal and credit cards. And your blog is generating the advertising lead. Everyone wins!!

The widget (click button) on the blog site makes the whole thing painless and truly easy to use for everyone, certainly for the advertisers. Advertisers, you can use a credit card and bypass the process at Paypal. It could not get any easier than this. Click, fill in the info, click for credit card and you have made the offer available to the blogger. Bloggers, you simply either take the offer, negotiate or turn it down. What could possibly be easier?

Give PPP Direct a try like I have done.

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

For Those Who Just Need To Make A Buck Or Two, This Is For You

For those of you who are trying to answer the eternal question "Where can I find a way to make money online" it's possible I have an answer or two for you. One person I know has a blog that she uses to give out tips for how to sell on Ebay. She has sold on Ebay herself and has a tips column on her blog about that. It is well worth the trip to her site for this information. Her blog is called " Homesick For Home Business". I think you with find her quite informative.

Beyond that, she also homeschools and has information on that. In this day and age, it is much more likely that parents and guardians feel the need to homeschool rather than send children to the happy hour places that the school systems laughingly call bastions of education. So, homeschooling is a very good option, depending on your particular states regulations concerning this. Her site is well worth the look for that too.

Posted by From Arkansas at 11:48 PM
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Free Credit Score

One of the things I have found that is very important if you want to buy a house, car or even have a credit card is having the information of what your credit score is. Now, there is a website that will give you your free credit score online.

Picture Credit has a load of information on credit such as how to repair damaged credit. That one pops up occasionally, doesn't it? They can teach you how to improve your credit score. In fact, they will allow you to check you credit report and score for free. Picture Credit can also help you with any of your financial needs.

If you have ever wanted to know how credit scores are calculated, they can help you. They have information on the three major credit bureaus and much more on the website that has articles every week on various subjects, all there to help with gaining knowledge concerning credit. There is an article database for all sorts of subjects related to credit.

Posted by From Arkansas at 10:14 PM
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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Doctor Death Is About To Be Back

It has been 8 years since we last saw Dr. Kervorkian also known as Doctor Death. He has been in prison for that time. His sentence was for 10-25 years in the death of a Michigan man. However, he has assisted in too many deaths to count. His release from prison on June 1 is, in my opinion, entirely too soon. He is coming out of prison to find that only one state has actually adopted the assisted suicide law, Oregon. All other states that put it on the ballot found out that people do not want an assisted suicide law in action. Even Oregon has found out that few people want to end their lives prematurely.

What has happened instead of following in his footsteps, people have now become more aware of taking care of terminally ill patients. We now have more hospice caretakers and better pain management than ever before.

Now that Kervorkian is coming out of prison, he has promised he will never again advise or counsel anyone about assisted suicide once he's out. We shall wait and see about that. This is yet another sign of the time of the end of the age. We are so close to the final seven years of this age prior to Jesus coming back to take His throne in Israel. But people need to see their need for Jesus as their Savior before this happens. The world is getting more and more evil as we wait. It will not truly get better until Jesus steps back onto this earth and cleans it up again.

Posted by From Arkansas at 10:18 PM
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Storms Can Make The Prices Rise Some More

Take note of the gas prices and other items' prices because should the hurricane season start off with a bang instead of a whimper, it is possible that you will see those prices no more. For instance, if another monster-type storm like Rita and Katrina come calling, the petroleum industry may throw it's collective hands up. They have just spent two years working on repairs on the refineries, pipelines and platforms. The problem is that this area, the gulf coast, produces about 25 percent of the nation's oil and 15 percent of the nation's natural gas.

NOAA says it is predicting about 13-17 tropical storms this year, much higher than usual. Worse, they expect about 10 to become hurricanes. If this happens, this will be one busy year. The average year is when about 10 storms form, only a few become hurricanes. From what I have gathered, the El Nino has a whole lot to do with what happens to storms in the Atlantic. If El Nino is present, the hurricanes are dissipated without coming ashore anywhere. If El Nino is not present, like this year, the storms have nothing to stop them.

As far as gas prices go, they have shot higher than post-Rita or Katrina. The analysts expect the price of gas to shoot to over $4. At the same time, most people do not seem to cut back. They are accepting the higher prices without an argument. The experts that have watched this say that the people will not truly complain or do anything to change their habits until it reaches $5-$6 a gallon. Frankly, if it hits that high, I have no doubt that my family will be staying home a great deal and cut back on a whole lot of things we do right now. We live in a rural area where nearly everything is somewhere else. I have no idea how we will manage other than trusting in the Lord for all of our needs. I certainly cannot trust in the government to do anything about this. They haven't stopped any of this so far. I do not expect any help now.

Posted by From Arkansas at 9:44 PM
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What Is Hillary Doing Now?

I will tell you up front that I am definitely NOT a fan of Hillary Clinton. She has had a background of things that I will not back going into the White House, no matter how many years she has already lived there before now. While it may not be out there for the world to see since it has apparently been buried, she was involved in some things that were and are being hidden from the public. The problem I see is that people have either forgotten or do not care what the character of the person about to live in the White House has. Do we really need yet another Clinton in that house with all the intrigue and "don't know what is is" crowd? Not really.

But now, she has asked the audience of YouTube to pick her campaign song. This is utterly ridiculous and will likely bring her out into the public eye of, at least, the younger crowd more than ever before. I know. Now the candidates are saying "Why didn't I think of that?" The reason that they didn't is because it IS ridiculous. Who is going to vote for someone who has a group called Smash Mouth singing their campaign songs? Yes, people would listen to Celine Dion and probably U2 as well. But there are some pretty radical groups and singers out there with some very hardcore and strange music. Yes, I think it is possible that she would take something like that since she has promised that the public vote is what she will use. Yes, she promised. Oh wait, she's a politician. Never mind. No problem.

Posted by From Arkansas at 9:08 PM
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Ever Heard Of A Credit Card Search Engine?

I have to say that I am not thrilled with credit cards. In fact, I do not use them myself. A person can get in hot water with them really fast. However, also a person who has some sense of financial responsibility can have a card or two and do just fine. With that in mind, the next question is...what credit card is the right one? Depends on the needs. Often, people find a card and go for it without comparison shopping. They end up with things they did not want. So, where do you go?

At CreditCardSearchEngine.com they have a way to find and compare the best Credit Card out there that will be tailored to your personal needs and abilities. They say they are one of the first sites on the internet and have a great track record for card comparison shopping. First you search, then compare and, finally, apply to as many card companies as you like. They have cards for those with bad or not so hot credit to people with pretty average credit that cannot always find a card. There are cards with rewards and low interest cards.

The card companies and banks that they have are extremely well known like Bank of America, MasterCard, Citibank, Visa, Discover Card and others. CreditCardSearchEngine.com has a card for you.

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A Wish List Of My Own

My husband put up a wish list online so I figure if I do the same I will at the least have an entry for today as well as put in print some of the things that I've been wanting for a while. The truth is that this list wasn't so easy to make since I rarely actually think of the things I want. Isn't that a hoot? When I was a kid, I got out the Sears and Pennys catalogs and had lists that went as high as 100 items on them. Now, it takes a real think session for me to get a few items on a list. That's probably a good thing.

My Wish List----as of May 26, 2007

1) Gaither homecoming DVDs. (I especially want the two from Israel)

2) Laptop computer

3) TV series-2nd season through whatever it is-Night Court

4) DVD versions of the ORIGINAL Star Wars movies (we only have the vhs)

5) T-shirts--primarily Christian but can be funny-currently size 4X (clean funny, of course)

6) Food processor

7) Dutch oven

8) Music-Gaither Vocal Band (I only have one)

9) TV series-2nd season through whatever it is-Taxi

10) Christian Author-Terri Blackstock (I do have the restoration series books-Night Light & First Light)

11) A really GOOD slow cooker recipe book (I have a couple but they are losers-Yuck)

12) Movie-Eragon (it's really for the girls but I figured I would like it too)

13) Better Desktop computer (currently have cpu-Pent.2 333, harddrive 10GB, 384mg ram-maxed)

14) Movie-The Lake House (thanks to Tami!!)

15) Newer car

16) House of our own

17) New furniture that isn't falling apart-especially folding chairs, sofa, love seat, kitchen table

18) Movies-Sister Act 1 and 2 on DVD (we only have the vhs)

19) A light weight jacket-currently size 4X

20) Nike shoes-size 10 and 1/2 mens (that's Tami's fault too. They look really comfy)

I suspect I will be able to think of other things now that I'm on that track but it ain't easy right now. Well, I am somewhat pressed for time at the moment.

Posted by From Arkansas at 11:39 AM
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Friday, May 25, 2007

Coupons And Savings Online

I love to save money! With the higher gas prices, food prices, heck, everything is going up, up, up, I need to get more for my dollar, don't you?

A place that does this is Coupon Chief where you can find a whole lot of savings with online coupons codes . One of my favorite clicks is for vitamins and herbs. GNC coupons give you some great deals if you really want to save money. And it doesn't cost any gas at all! There are several savings on the page right now. For instance, the top one says you get 10% off AND free shipping on orders of $75 or more. Not bad. You can get free shipping alone with a $25 or more. You can also have savings with buy one and get the second one half off. How can you lose with this? However, these particular coupons and savings are only there for a limited time. So, get your savings before the time expires.

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The Housing Market In A Slump

This is not news to anyone who has been reading the papers or watching the nightly news. However, the great thing about it is that this is a buyers market. Sellers are not going to be happy by any means though. If you are someone who has not bought a home or wants to buy one, now is definitely the time to get into the house hunting mood.

Sellers, I do feel bad for you since your extremely expensive home is likely to go very low on the price of the sale. Thing is, according to the experts (sometimes I wonder what they could possibly know), the time for the slump is about over. The prices of homes will rise soon.

Builders of new homes have slashed the prices by a whopping $30,000 because of the inventory of unsold new homes. Of course, the National Association of Realtors put out it's monthly report today on the sale of existing homes since that makes up about 84% of home sales across the nation.

Many wonder what is causing the slowdown of home sales, both new and existing. Apparently, one reason is that a large number of home lenders have gone out of business thus hurting the sales. We will see what happens in the coming months. If the trend continues, it is likely that the home owners will choose to stay in the current homes rather than lose so much money on the sale. Others will have to bite the bullet and sell at a loss.

Posted by From Arkansas at 10:28 PM
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Time To Look Forward To College

At this time of year, when the students are graduating from high school, one of the things on their minds is college. But, some are not able to be awarded the scholarships for whatever reason. These many students need to seek other forms of paying for that great education. How can that be achieved?

At Premier Student Loan, they have two types of loans to help the student realize the dream of college. Federal student loans are available as well as private student loans. It may seem like a difficult process but it does not have to be. There are professionals there to help you every step of the way.

Posted by From Arkansas at 10:06 PM
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This Is One For The Books! The First Thing Is HUH?

I have never heard of this before and, frankly, if I never hear about it again, I will be a happy camper. One of the truly strange stories I have seen in a while concerns women of the UK who are interested in what they are calling (Ugh!) "designer vagina". WHAT? You heard me.

The number of "labial reductions" has doubled to 800 a year in the last 5 years, so says the British Medical Journal. This is mindboggling to me. These women are troubled by the shape and size of their of their vulvas. Who does this? Well, obviously British women do. The question is why? Is there a medical reason for this? I guess not. It is all cosmetic in nature. The women get the idea that they need an "ideal" genital size, shape. This they get from private genitoplasty web sites and porn pictures. Personally, from what I have heard about porn pics, I would not want to have cosmetic surgery to look like that!

What's In Florida For You? Check It Out!

What's in Florida for you? Well, there are definitely all the retirement villages and resorts. There are some really famous theme parks there. A huge racing track for cars and several tracks with doggies are open and running. But what is the first thing you might think of when Florida comes to mind?

I used to live there so I have an advantage. ORANGES! I think of citrus products. Florida agriculture has an $87 billion industry. They ship food to the world. Florida Farmers are great! So, here is a video for you to watch from YouTube about Florida agriculture.

Posted by From Arkansas at 9:31 PM
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Holiday Gas Prices Don't Discourage Travelers

What is really beginning to be a pain with me is that despite the rising gas prices people are going to travel and spend far more money on that travel than ever before. However, that is not stopping them. I have read that vacationers are unwilling to give up their travel plans no matter what the price of gas may become. When is enough enough?

Seems that the average traveler is willing to pay out at least $5 and some say $6 before they cry out against the rising costs of gas. Isn't it obvious to anyone here that if the gas prices go up and the tourists stop traveling, which some will because they can no longer actually afford to travel, that the vacation spots that everyone loves to go to will raise the rates too? Many of the theme parks have done so already. It is outragous what you have to pay for one day at a theme park these days. Are they serious? Well, sure they are. They are going to rake it in while you go broke listening to junior tell you how much he wants to go on ride and get that food.

Isn't it about time that we call a halt to the gas companies and their domination over those of us who have to buy gas? Isn't it time for them to feel it where it hurts, in the corporate pocketbook? I think so. That one day of not buying gas might have hurt though we are likely not to hear about it but several days away from the pumps would do a lot more. What do you say? Let's try it and see what happens.

Posted by From Arkansas at 9:13 PM
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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Student loan consolidation

One of the things that can totally overwhelm a person are those pesky student loans that are so hard to find when you want to go to college or when the ones you have are taking over your life. It does not have to be that way.

SecureLoanConsolidation.com wants to help you, the student, find everything you can have to pay for those college years. They are there to help folks who are now out and need to bring it all together through student loan consolidation. These folks have debt management professionals who can guide you to a single payment instead of the several payments that are costing you so much money. Students, they can find the loans to get you the education you want. They will assist you in prequalifying for any loans available. Professionals have a nationwide lending directory so that they can give you the best possible advantage in the loan you secure.

This site has all sorts of articles and information on loans, fees and consolidation. One article that caught my attention was " Student Loans 101" for those who have no idea about this whatsoever. It is very informative. You should check it out.

Posted by From Arkansas at 2:58 PM
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When There Are Things To Say But I Don't Know What They Are

Okay, I am totally reaching here. I have zero to say and I have already used that in a blog entry some days ago. Now, I have nothing to say and really nowhere to say that. What is the problem here? I am looking at a blank, white screen, that's the problem. If you are writing a book or article, it's called "writer's block". A malady that covers a multitude of writing sins.

Now, the page is not totally blank but the nonsense will not stop!!!! I admit that I have a tendency to blab on and on. It's a blessing and a curse. Depends on who is listening, I suppose. The children believe it's a curse....always. Who thinks it's a blessing? Uh, me I guess. I love to talk.

So, where were we? Yeah, love to talk.......and talk........and talk. Sigh. At the end of the last statement, more blank, white screen. It never ends. Sort of like that song the kids AND my sister like to plague me with? Yep, it's called the Song That Never Ends. Want the lyrics? You asked for it.

It is the song that never ends....

Uh, can you believe it? Now that I WANT to remember it, I can't remember the lyrics. GOOD!!! Now if I can only get by for a few days without hearing it, I will have won. Sigh (with a smile). Perfect.

Drug Rehab

What is one of the biggest problems for parents of teens? Teen drug abuse. What can you do about it? I just saw a site that seem to address that very situation. It is a place called StoneHawk and deals directly with drug rehab and drug treatment. In this day and age, we need more places like this one for teens.

They tell us that they know addiction because they were once addicted. They use the Narconon program which was the only program that worked for them. This particular program is the most successful program in the nation. The success rate is an incredible 76%+. That means that 3 out of 4 clients get clean and stay clean.

They understand the problems associated with drugs and what to do about it. This place takes drug addiction very seriously.

Posted by From Arkansas at 2:22 PM
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Edited on: Monday, June 04, 2007 12:08 PM
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Ebay Supports Dishonest Sellers

In case you have never had a problem with a dishonest seller on Ebay, let me tell you that the company that is EBAY supports the dishonest seller to the max. If you find that you have not received what you thought you were buying, try to find a way to let Ebay know this. Just try. Good luck.

They send you to a page that allows you to put in the item number of the auction. When you click on that, it brings up a page that tells you that you have not allowed enough time to pass. Give me a break here. When I put the number in, it was because the item I received was NOT what they advertised. What does the one have to do with the other??? Bear in mind that all of this is AT EBAY under the heading...are you really ready for this one??.......PROTECTION FOR BUYERS!!! Uh huh. (For the record, I have been through this process a couple of times before. It ain't pretty.)

I have been buying a few NEW DVDs from sellers on Ebay. Up to now, all was great. The sellers were sending out brand new DVDs, sealed and in brand new condition. However, I bought two DVDs from a seller by the seller name of "perfectfuture" who sent me two DVDs that were, in fact, in far from new cases. He/she says that the DVD is new regardless of the condition of the case. At this point, my response has to be....HOW DO I KNOW THAT? You put them in used cases.

One thing about these sellers that is truly ugly. Ebay used to be all about the feedback that a seller or buyer got for a transaction. A high feedback rating was valued. At this time, Ebay has been revamping the feedback system. We need to wait and see if it is effective. However, sellers have one edge after another over buyers. One of the more blatant is "holding the feedback hostage". What does that mean? The seller does not give you feedback for paying immediately. They do not give you good feedback for anything UNTIL AFTER you have given them your feedback. Then, if they are dishonest and you say so in your feedback, they hit you with horrible feedback, totally undeserved though it may be. No one will know that part. All they see is the negative RED feedback button. You can respond but that does not remove the bad feedback that you receive. If you have a great feedback rating, you either protect it by not giving the feedback the jerk or jerkette deserves or you do give bad feedback and they slam you with crap, crap, crap. At that point, your only options are to 1) live with the negative mark on your feedback rating or 2) go to Ebay and mutually have the rating removed. I am so ready to SCREAM over this. You have no idea.

I wonder how far Walmart would get if they put DVDs into used cases??? Or any retail seller? But since it is, for all intents and purposes, a private seller then it is okay with Ebay or at least all right for the moment. After the "proper amount of time" has elapsed, whatever that means, I will try again.

I should point out here that I received an email from the unscrupulous seller today that stated that since I complained, they have changed their auction pages to read that the DVD, not the case, is the new part, that they are not sealed. That, at least, makes them more honest. Also, they have offered to reimburse the money I spent IF I send the items back. The problem here is that they do NOT pay the shipping. Then, the problem becomes....can I trust this person to give back the money...minus shipping costs on BOTH ends.....when I send the items back? Absolutely NOT! I can't trust them now. I'm going to lose what little I already have to HOPE I get money back out of this? Oh please.

Now, the seller will likely get away with this because 1) Ebay could care less 2) there is no real way to actually TELL them about this particular seller since everything is a fill-in page where you simply answer predone questions with a radial button. There is not way to actually TELL them anything. THEN, adding insult to injury, when you do have a legitimate complaint, if you paid via paypal, which Ebay conveniently owns as well, Ebay sends you to paypal to resolve the issue. There are no guarrentees that they will listen either. Have you EVER TRIED to find a phone number for either outfit? Again, good luck.

Ebay, we call on you to reform the resolution department of Ebay. We call on you to do the right thing, make the sellers--YES, EVEN THE POWERSELLERS---be HONEST. What a concept. How about it, EBAY? Do something to help the buyer besides pass it off and hope the person will give up so your precious powersellers can have their way again.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bid LOW And Win!

One of the strangest things I have seen recently on the net is the Bid4Prizes site. Now, the site itself isn't strange, only the way they do things. And I want to bid and bid and bid. Apparently, you bid LOW and if you have the lowest bid on a prize, you win. That seemed a tad weird, I admit, but it would be fun to try it.

For instance, I saw a BMW up for bids. They want a bid between 367 and 387 cents on this car! Are you kidding? WOW! The real crazy part is that if you win the bid, you win that particular prize. I am thinking about getting into that bidding. At this writing, you have something over 68 days to get your low bid in for the BMW. Hey, this is a great car, a BMW 3 Series, sticker price of $36,000 and I can win it for about 3 and a half bucks!!! Oh yeah. That sounds like fun to me.

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Noah's Ark Reborn

Today, I read an article on the rebuilding of Noah's Ark on Mt. Ararat in Turkey. Why do they need to do this thing? For some reason, the people doing this believe that it will point up global warming. It is, of course, a model. However, the one thing that is glaring to me is that the people building it believe that the ark existed in the first place despite large numbers of doubters. Regardless of the reason they are putting a model there, I do believe that it shows the ark where it was originally.

The people doing this are environmentalist who are wishing to have it ready for a summit which is convening in Germany next month and has global warming high on the list to discuss. They want to aim the statement they are making at the politicians and the leaders of the world who are primarily, so they say, responsible for the climate changes.

Personally, I think the people are about two bricks shy of a load if they think that politicians and the leaders are the major reason for the climate changes in the world. Yes, man does do massive damage to the environment. However, we are not THAT powerful. But the thing that is so interesting is that they are proving that Noah's Ark did exist in doing this. They believe the story. I'm all for that!!! I am a believer too but I believe more than that. I believe that Jesus is our Lord and Savior. That tops the ark by a mile.

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Electric Ladyland

Review: Electric Ladyland site is full of all sorts of wearing apparel for the electric lady in you. The site loads pretty fast and has an abundance of everything from Dresses to Tees, from 1921 Jeans to handbags and jewelry, all designed for the electric person you wish to be.

If you are looking for Rock and Republic or True Religion, they have it. The home page is quite full and could be a bit fun to navigate but the information is there for you.

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The Rosie And Anyone Debate

The View, which I thankfully miss every day, has yet another debate going on with Rosie (I can't get enough exposure so I have a fight over anything on TV) O'Donnell. This woman is controversial because she chooses this above respect and courtesy. I have, in the past, seen some of the things she has said about literally anyone who differs with her rather verbose and extremism opinions. The truth is, I have zero respect for Rosie O'Donnell. And, for the record, it has nothing whatsoever to do with her sexual orientation though I have heard her say that if you don't like her opinion THAT would be the reason. HELLO???? I simply don't like the woman's attitude. I don't care what her sexual whatever is.

This time she squared off with Elisabeth Hasselbeck who appears to be a sweet person who has definite opinions of her own. The problem here isn't Elisabeth or Donald or whoever else Ms. O'Donnell has an opinion, usually nasty and barbed, about. It is Ms. O'Donnell herself who wishes to be anti-anything you can think of. She has nothing good to say about anyone except her "life partner".

I suspect that it is with a great deal of relief that ABC is waving goodbye to her next month. I know I will be happier when I don't have to see yet another squabble with Rosie and whoever the victim of her barbed tongue might be.

Posted by From Arkansas at 4:51 PM
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Site For Parents Of Teens

There is a site for parents of teens, especially if they are having problems with drugs or alcohol. Parenting Teens has an abundance of resources for the parents who are about to tear their hair out and for those who are simply seeking some answers to troubling questions relating to teens.

Click on the subject that you are interested in and find that there are loads of articles relating to the problems that parents are dealing with today. Regardless of the problem, they seem to be able to help with some information. For instance, there are articles on runaways, drug and teen alcohol abuse, teen suicide, sexual abuse. They have info on teen help centers and brat camps.

I have to say that, at first glance, the website looks as though it has nothing to offer because of it's sparse appearance. But that is deceiving. Click on any of the topics on the left side. You will be able to navigate through a range of subjects that could help you. They also have help if you know someone who needs it but is not on the internet. And they have a parent support directory as well as a list of tips for parents who are about to go nuts because of typical teen behavior.

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When I Can't Find The Words

When I can't find the words, like today, I resort to giving out information. This time I am providing a simply scrumptous recipe for Chicken, Veggies and Stuffing. Why am I doing this? I told you. I'm out of things to say. Can you believe it? I heard that!!! Despite that attitude, I can forgive and forget and still provide the wonderful recipe forthwith.


Chicken with Veggies and stuffing.

1 cup water

1 pkg herb seasoned chicken bouillon

1 cup chopped celery

1 cup chopped onion

1 cup chopped carrots

1/4 cup flour

1 cup skim milk

1 pkg herb flavored cubed stuffing mix

2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cubed

1 cup low-fat shredded Cheddar cheese

Bring the water to a boil in a 3 quart sauce pan. Dissolve the bouillon in the boiling water. Add the chopped vegetables, cooking just until tender. Add the flour, stirring constantly while the mixture thickens. Then add the milk. Remove from the heat.

Add the chicken and stuffing and mix lightly. Pour mixture into a greased 3 quart casserole. Bake, covered, at 350 degrees for 35 minutes. Remove from the oven, covering with the shredded cheese. Return to the oven for five minutes, or place in the microwave on high for three minutes or until the cheese is melted.

Serves four to six.

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Vacations In Florida Are Great!

I used to live in Florida. I am somewhat familiar with Orlando. It is a beautiful city and surrounding area. If you are interested in an Orlando vacation, you will want to visit a website called Orlando.com. They can give you the top rated information on florida hotels.

The website is quite simple yet has a lot of information for the person seeking a place to stay and sights to see. Orlando sports 6 large theme parks including Disney World, Sea World and Universal Studios. You can find a hotel within a short distance of them by checking out Orlando.com for your accommodations. On the site, you simply put in the date of your anticipated arrival and they will help you. If you are wanting a vacation package, that's there too. Simply click on the link to vacation packages on the left side of the page, fill out the form and they will give you information on all the things you are looking for.

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Frogs Gone, Now What?

While this may sound a tad funny, it is anything but funny. In San Jose, Costa Rica, the frogs are becoming extinct. They are only one of several populations including reptile and monkey that are disappearing from the area. The culprit appears to be global warming or so say the usual range of experts who, I have decided, generally know about as much as we do about it, which is likely to be little and none at all.

17 amphibian species are gone without a trace, 5 of which are indigenous to Costa Rica only. Scientists are now saying that this is only a taste of what is to come. It is likely to be devastating to the world. Yes, that would be true. With these creatures disappearing, a time will come when other, certainly more familiar species will be extinct as well. Why? Because of man's intrusion so say the scientists. Global warming is the big culprit. The lush jungles of Costa Rica are only a few of several areas in the world that have the same problems.

In La Selva, a biological station run by Duke University, scientists discovered that a 75 percent decline in amphibian population has happened over the last 35 years or so. Scientists do suspect a higher temperature which is inhibiting plant growth. Reptiles and insect populations are on the decline as well around the biological station. They are not the only ones affected. The monkey population diminishing too.

Is it a scare tactic for these statistics to come out? No. It is now time to see that the last days are upon us and that we need to make up our minds to deal with it by seeking the Lord Jesus. The time is so short.

For more information on this and other subjects like it, please visit Lura's Bookcase.

Dominican Repubic Vacations-What's Hot

When I think of vacation trips, in the past, it was always some place easy to get to, probably local. In other words, BORING! Yet, it was always affordable. So, we have never gone on a really good vacation.

Today, I went to the Vacations.net website to learn more about a dominican republic vacation. Now there is a place I'd never thought about going before. I looked at the pictures of the places first. Wow! These are terrific. A place like that could get to be a habit! They've got savings of up to 50% off. They seem to have created a website that shows what can be if you choose to book a vacation with them.

Vacations.net has info on the customs, history, activities and culture of the area you choose to visit on your resort vacation. When you fill out their little questionaire, they can custom a resort vacation just for you, your family, your business getaway. The website is pretty easy to use. They have many delightful and beautiful pictures of the different areas they serve. There is even a virtual tour on the site. You get comprehensive information on your destination which does include recreational activities and all the amenities available, detailed options on the rooms. You can sort through the vacation styles as well. They give the ratings on the hotels. Their aim is to give you that amazing experience of a paradise which is only a click away.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Go To The Movies, Have Popcorn, Take Out Loan

I have not been to the movies in years. With VHS and then DVD coming in, I had no real desire to see a movie in those tight, small seats that someone else was in and spilling sodas, candy and popcorn. Speaking of popcorn, I love the stuff. I love the movie popcorn. The last time I went to a movie I bought the popcorn. I paid $9 for the whole experience including the LARGE tub of EXTRA BUTTER popcorn. That was in 1989 or so, I think. What has happened since then?

Well, for anyone who has not been to the movies in a while (that would be a lot of us, I am certain), there have been a few changes. For instance, in Brooklyn, N.Y., recently at the Shrek The Third movie, the family paid out....are you ready for this?....$5 for a SMALL popcorn, $5 for a drink from the concession stand. But the tickets themselves were $11 for each adult and $7.50 per kid. Hello??? Do you see ANYTHING wrong here?

Yes, I do. For one thing, the movie experience should be fun and entertaining, not a place to decide if you need a loan or not. How about this. Forget the movie until it comes out on DVD. Save the money for something that will mean something to you later. This is outrageous. Why should we pay that much money for a couple of hours when we can OWN the thing in a few months anyway? Buy the DVD and make your own popcorn!

Backup Storage Online

Do you have a small business? Do you need backup on your files but do not have the space? Then this is for you. IBackup is a company devoted to making certain that your backup files are in an Online Storage so that your files are protected from crashes, which would be a nightmare for a business.

I went to the website and found that for as little as $9.95 a month, you can have 5GB of space. Of course, if you need more, they have a number of options and plans to help you and up to 300GB of usable Storage Space for you.

By the way, IBackup has awards from PCWorld and PCMag editor's choices. Time to check them out.

Posted by From Arkansas at 12:50 PM
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Four Fired For Gossip

I read the story about the four women who got fired for gossiping on the job. These were town employees in the small place called Hooksett, N.H. Seems they were jawing around the watercooler about an improper relationship between an administrator and another employee. The kicker here is that the stories and rumors were not true. So, what should be done? Was the punishment too severe?

The administrator decided to complain about it since the rumor was not true. The town investigated and found that "Gossip, whispering, and an unfriendly environment are causing poor morale and interfering with the efficient performance of town business." The town council had no choice but to fire the four ladies.

Okay, so now people are going to be upset by this, I'm sure. But, my take on this is that I agree with the town council. There is no place in the work environment for whispering and gossip. Usually, even if the original story is true, the gossip changes it with every single telling and causes no end to the problems for the individuals involved in the stories. THERE IS NO PLACE for this type of conversation whether workplace or neighborhood fence. It is entirely too malicious and painful.

So, if you are a gossip, please think abou this and the damage that rumors do to people. One day it could be you!!!

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Search Engine Marketing

I have to admit that I do not know a whole lot about what the search engine marketing companies do. So when I checked out some of this, I found Apogee Search to be a really interesting place to start. They have Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising accounts through Houston PPC which apparently pays you for people coming to your website. What they do is an analysis of your site and make recommendations as well as manage it. The idea is to hook you up with the search engines for maximum exposure.

Of course, since I knew next to nothing about the whole thing, I turned to a page that would take care of that, a Search Engine Marketing Glossary. That helped so much with all those definitions.

So, you might want to check out Apogee Search. They can do what you cannot, bring people to your website.

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Medicine Is Great! Or Is It?

Today, I woke up to the news that a drug that about a million people in the U.S. with diabetes take, called Avandia or Avandamet, is hazardous to their health. Because I have recently needed to know a lot more about this disease and I have friends who are diabetic, it was of great concern for me. This particular drug, which has been on the market for about 8 years, has a 43% shot of causing heart attacks and death. Sounds pretty serious to me. So, what is the FDA doing about this since they approved this drug in the first place? Not much. They issued a safety alert and are apparently going to "convene an advisory panel, but planned no immediate changes to the current side effect warnings on the drug's packaging."

The company that makes the stuff. What are they doing about this? GlaxoSmithKline says that it's fine and that the good that the drug does outweighs the bad. Are you kidding me?

Then, if that is not nightmare enough, the very next story was about a birth control drug called Lybrel that actually stops a women's menstrual periods indefinitely. The FDA is planning to approve this drug TODAY!!! Are you kidding me? Does anyone know the possible side effects of this? They are trying to stop something that is built into a woman's body. The natural working of a woman is going to be halted by a pill. I do realize that there are many women who will welcome this and think that it is a blessing. However, they do not know what the long term effects are because they do not HAVE long term anything on it.

I must question the FDA on these two items. They appear to be going off in a direction that is not good for the country. They have hampered the progress of good medications that would have benefited many of the now deceased people because of their tedious and lengthy approval programs. But now, they seem to be putting through something that is extremely detrimental to women and have no problem with this at all! That on top of their lackluster interest in dealing with the drug Avandia.

What is wrong with this picture? You decide. But be sure you know more than the stories tell you. Be sure you get the real picture. God created these bodies. He put in a marvelous system to keep it healthy. Then came along those who apparently know better than the Creator how the body works. Maybe it is time to stop and rethink this whole thing.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Father's Day Is Coming! TIme To Get Ready

Father's Day is on June 17th this year. That is less than a month to get something for your Dad that is fantastic! Too often, we tend to honor Mom with a big day but give Dad another tie that he doesn't need. This time, maybe you should try another way to go.

It is time to honor your Dad as a really special person. At Gourmet Gift Baskets, they have an assortment of Fathers Day Baskets that will please any Dad. He is one great guy. So he needs a really terrific gift. These baskets have wines, cheeses, nuts, fruits...and my personal favorite, fine chocolates. What's better than that?!!!

You can shop safely with their security and the convenience of being at home while you pick out Dad's gift from the large number of choices of Father's Day Gifts!

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Gas Prices Go Up-The Continuing Saga Of The Great Ripoff!

I have repeatedly mentioned gas prices going up...well, because they are and because I don't like it just like you don't like it. But now, the national average is at $3.22!!! We are blessed that our gas price has not risen that high as yet. Ours is sitting, for the moment unless it rose just after we left the station like it has in the past, at $3.04. Of course, the holiday is coming up. Always a good time to rip off the drivers.

This is called the great ripoff because I truly believe that the oil companies that have had record profits are fully capable of bringing down the price should they choose to do so. Perhaps that is childish of me to believe that but I do. Why? Because the artificial rise in prices and the shortage that we had in the early 70's was a tryout. It was sort of a practice run. Those who are pulling the strings are giving us all the higher prices and we are expected to just TAKE IT! Why? Because we always do that. We take it. We take it when the prices on food rise a few cents because it's only a few cents, after all. We take it when the lawmakers put through bills that have all sorts of riders attached that we really do not want to see go into law but the riders become law because we do nothing about them. It's the usual and customary practice of the lawmakers to do this. We take it.

Is there anything we don't take? Not much. We stand up for our rights when it gets so outrageous that we can no longer sit idlely by. Wait. That was in the 40's in W.W.II. Since then, we have lost the will to do the right thing. Did we do the right thing in Korea? Perhaps. Did we do the right thing is Vietnam? NO! A thousand times NO! We quit! WE QUIT! We fought and let all those Americans and South Vietnamese die. For what? So we could quit! We took it. That is a shame of America! We lost what the oriental mind calls "face". We lost our standing in the world with that. Then, we elected someone who could not find what the word "is" means when he was caught literally with his pants down IN THE WHITE HOUSE! We lost face again. And we just take it because it's okay to be immoral in the White House as long as we don't go to war. Right? Right.

Now, we have an administration that has dropped the ball so many times that we have second rate standing in the world. What do we do? We take it, of course. When the disaster of the Tsunami happened, where were we with the help those people so desparately needed? Where were we when Katrina hit? That was our OWN people in our own country? Where are we? Nowhere. There is no help. How do we know? Ask the Katrina victims that are being yet again victimized by the insurance companies that turn down those who held legitimate policies for years. Meanwhile, the FEMA people sat down and gave out dollars and dollars to people who were scamming them. What is going on here? Well, again, we take it.

Tell me something here. What happens when we are labeled as terrorists because we do not believe the way someone else does? Do we take it then? Do we lie down and let them run over us then? Some of us won't. Most will. Most will see the guy who comes in like a savior and listen to him because he knows that all we do is take it.

When are we going to get some backbone? I saw some of that with the disaster of 911 when the whole congress, President and the country joined together and believed one thing. Get off our sleeping tushes and kick some terrorist tail. That thought lasted for a couple of months. And then they forget.

We got stickers to put on our cars, in our windows that said "September 11. We will NEVER forget!" But we did or more specifically, those in congress who now are against the war.

Perhaps it is once again time to get out the bumper stickers and the signs in the windows.."We will NEVER forget" instead of once again take it.

Jimmy Carter Has Lost It!

Jimmy Carter's critical barbs hit President Bush and Tony Blair in an effort to sell a book. His book. I am wondering here where Mr. Carter's loyalties lie. Certainly not with the office he held. Certainly not with his country. Certainly not with Britain. Where? Obviously with himself and a few bucks in the pocket.

His scathing comments about Tony Blair tell me that Mr. Carter had a different agenda even in the White House and when he could not make a bigger name for himself then, he chose to write a book and do a supposed "tell all". How commercial is that? I have no respect for someone who does this sort of thing while our country is at war! I realize that this war is not popular. Few back it now. BUT what happens if we do leave that country without a working plan? You know.

Carter obviously has zero respect even for the office of President and none for the sitting President. He has none for the outgoing Prime Minister of England either. What kind of comments could cause me to say all that? This:

"Britain's support for the war in Iraq was a "major tragedy" for the world, Carter said Saturday May 19, 2007 as he criticized Tony Blair's unwavering support for President Bush. Asked how he would judge Blair's support of Bush, a Republican, the former Democratic president said: "Abominable. Loyal. Blind. Apparently subservient."

How can a former President talk so poorly about someone who has been so very loyal to our country?

Carter was quoted Saturday as saying "I think as far as the adverse impact on the nation around the world, this administration has been the worst in history." The Georgia Democrat said Bush had overseen an "overt reversal of America's basic values" as expressed by previous administrations, including that of his own father, former President George H.W. Bush.

Carter made the comments to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette in a story that appeared in the newspaper's Saturday editions.

If the values of America have been lowered, can it be possible that Mr. Carter was part of the problem rather than the solution? Mr. Carter's critical comments are ill timed and reckless in the extreme. If he had things like that to say, he should have said them to the current President or in private to family who would not leak it to the press. What he should not have done was to write a book so that he could slam a sitting President while he makes bucks off of it. Shame, Mr. Carter. Shame on you.

Mr. Carter, you receive the Shame of America reward for today.

Backgammon In Latin America

I have never played backgammon. I know literally nothing about it other than it is a very popular game in many countries. BackgammonMasters and online game company that is expanding worldwide is interested in the Latin America specifically. This company has established itself as a leader in such things as Perudo, a very popular Spanish dice game. That would be in addition to the backgammon and poker that they have on their website. Because of their popularity and as a leader in online games, BackgammonMasters is opening a new office in Central America.

BackgammonMasters is on top of things and because they listened to the people, they answer the interests of the gamers with the most uptodate and desirable games in the world market. BackgammonMasters has an animated series with their tiger mascot, Jean Claude, who has drawn folks from all parts of the world.

BackgammonMasters provides their own exclusive software for a more realistic experience in backgammon online with incredible graphics and first rate usability. There is a fully supported game environment.

What is unique about them is that they have software to download from one site. They use an all-in-one concept where they enter a single lobby. Gamers have a list of games to choose from such as backgammon , perudo, poker and, one of my own favorites and soon to come, blackjack. All games are in multiplayer mode with variations. Soon, there will be more popular games available. They are in the works now.

At this time, BackgammonMasters supports all popular forms of payment in Latin America such as Visa and MasterCard.

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This Will Make You Sick

I received a call from my best friend (other than my husband) at around 10pm tonight. She told me that she was about to be sick. It seems that she had seen a story about a Texas couple who had a 2 month old child. They were apparently staying at a Quality Inn in Galveston. The 19 year old father put their 2 month old baby into a microwave for a few seconds. The child is in the Shriners Burns Hospital in Texas in critical condition. They believe she will live but are unsure about the long term effects.

The father said that he was frustrated about caring for her. The mother, on the other hand, says that her husband couldn't do that and that he was in Galveston to be a minister but that the devil made him do this.

While this is shocking, the more horrible thing is that while I was searching out the story, I ran across a number of similar cases of a child being in a microwave by parents or babysitters.

There is so much pain, suffering and horror right now. People need Jesus so much. It is time to put our faith in God instead of even trying to figure this world out. It is impossible. Things will only get worse until Jesus comes back. We need the protection and salvation of the Lord Jesus. It is time to ask Him into your heart because if you don't, one day you will find that the time has slipped by and it will be too late. Please come to Jesus right now. Ask Him into your heart. He is waiting for you at this moment.

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Recipes For Healthy Eating

I look for recipes all the time. We like new and interesting meals that are healthy and sometimes quick to fix. CookingSpot.com seems to have quite a few good recipes . There is a large variety.

Some of the recipes look like they take a bit of expertise but most appear to be great for the beginner as well as someone who has been cooking for a while. I have seen some delicious possibilities.

There are plenty of catagories to choose from including Italian, desert, healthy, vegetable, chicken and beef and many more. They have a place for you to save the recipes that you like. You can even submit a favorite recipe of your own to the site. They have shopping lists for the recipes on the site. That's always good for me. There are forums to chat on too.

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Working At Home To Save Money

One of the things that has plagued us for years is a way to make money from home since both of us are disabled. Now, I do know that some folks have websites that allow disabled people to work from home with a phone and computer setup. That is great! However, if you have an ancient machine such as what I have or you do not run windows XP, it does not work for you. That was my problem. How to solve that?

In our case, we have found ways to get some money by writing advertising on our blogs. But what else can you do? Tory Johnson on Good Morning America has answers for those questions you might ask concerning this very subject. GMA, with Tory and Diane Sawyer, have started a thing called "Take Control Of Your Life" which I think is absolutely great.

Take Control Of Your Life

"Good Morning America" has launched the "Take Control of Your Life" tour with co-anchor Diane Sawyer and workplace contributor Tory Johnson.

As Johnson tours three cities -- Chicago, Atlanta and Denver -- she will answer your questions about how to find better balance between your work and your life.

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PayPerPost Is Great!

I have to tell you that I was sceptical about getting paid for writing up reviews and ads. It didn't seem that you would get a fair shake on it. After all, you have to wait a while to get paid. However, my husband set out to try the whole thing since he had checked it out on forums and googling the subject. When he came to the realization that this is a good deal, he went for it. It took me a while longer to warm to the idea but now that I have, WOW!!!

PayPerPost, a way to advertise on blogs, is fantastic for finding good offers to write about.They have a variety of subjects to choose from. All you need is a blog that you have had for 90 days and a Paypal account. How simple is that! Hey, wait! If you do not have that yet, start them. It only takes a little bit of time to get going and it is well worth it! While I have only been on PayPerPost for a few days, my husband has been there for several months. He is enjoying paydays almost every single day now. Can you say that about your checks? Didn't think so.

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GMA Asks-What Is Your Guilty Pleasure? Be Nice!!

When GMA asked the question--what is your guilty pleasure--the first thing I thought was that they do NOT want some of those answers. But their story was on a lady who drinks 12 diet cokes a day. I hope she isn't on a diet though since that would be excessive.

So, I thought about it a while and came to the conclusion that my greatest guilty pleasure HAS to be....PIZZA!! That has been the main food for me for an abundance of years. I am talking about the hot, straight from the oven kind that comes from whatever favorite pizza joint. You have what you can eat at the resturant. Then you bring home the leftovers. There HAVE to be LEFTOVERS!!!! In the morning, for breakfast, is cold pizza. Oh yes! If it is not gone by that time, you then have a lunch option. Of course, if there are more people than just one in the house, all bets are off. Someone will surely find the box in the fridge and take the last piece before anyone else knows it's gone. Tragedy!

Of course, I have gone through the ham and cheese sandwich phase. This would be the number 2 on the same list. And then over the years, I have had other phases like the ramen noodle one. Is there anyone out there that does not know about this stuff? Well, the qualifications are that you have to be or have been a starving artist or actor, a student who is always be starving (not enough cash from Daddy and Mommy), a person with really low income or the person who absolutely loves the things, no matter what else is going on!

I did have a phase with macaroni and cheese. And then there was the baked potato craze....uh, phase. No one can resist tacos, can they? Chicken from the Colonel (does anyone think that word.."colonel"..looks weird besides me?). Chips are always in fashion. What can I say. I am a total junk food junkie. That's why I was....uh, am on a diet. No more talking about junk food, okay? Okay.

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"Honest Graft" Land Deals In The Capitol

Are you kidding me???? HONEST graft!!! That was the title of the news article I started to read just now. Seems that the lawmakers, you know the ones, have some questionable land deals afoot. This is apparently raising some serious alarms throughout Washington, as it should.

The deals are all different but the idea is the same. The lawmakers, alone or with others, buy up land. Then they push for changes in a law or federal spending which raises the value of the land. So, what happens now? You guessed it. Land prices go up. Lawmaker sells the land making a tidy profit. Isn't there something really wrong with this picture? I would say!!! Can you say INSIDER INFORMATION? The deals are not technically illegal but they are not honest. And any congressperson or senator that does this type of deal needs to go home.

And hang on here. If we were to do this, some lawmaker would find a way to make it illegal...as they should really....but it's going to be our hides on the line, not theirs.

So, what should be done? Well, for starters, all of the "lawmakers" that are doing this need to vacate their offices. This is underhanded at the very least.

"Honest Graft" Land Deals

A series of questionable land deals involving U.S. lawmakers have raised alarms among government watchdogs, who fear such dubious arrangements are on the rise.

"Everyone's been trying to catch up to this phenomenon," said Keith Ashdown of Washington, D.C.-based Taxpayers for Common Sense.

"In Congress, land deals are more popular than a shoe sale at Nordstroms," quipped Naomi Seligman-Steiner of the left-leaning anti-corruption group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW). Her group has called for IRS and FBI investigations into several recent land sales by lawmakers that have been linked to their public actions.

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Secured Loans For You In The UK

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One last time. Advancestart.com is there right now waiting for you to ask them about a quote for Secured Loans UK. Why not give them a try.

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Gas Prices On The Rise AGAIN!

I am so disgusted with the way gas prices are on the rise again. Is it too much to ask that we have at least one year of lowered gas prices so that we can feel as though we are getting a break here? While I imagine that our prices for gas is not the highest in the country, I am absolutely certain that where we live in Arkansas, the largest price hike ever is devastating to those of us on fixed or extremely low incomes. The middle income group is also fairing badly when they have to use most of the budget money to put into the family vehicle or vehicles so that each person can get to the job or school on time.

At $3.04 a gallon, we are wishing we had a hybrid car or just own a land schooner. I have to admit, the land schooner would be a whole lot cheaper to maintain. Not too sure how comfy it would be though. Still, it has it's merits. Put a some bucket seats on that baby and let's roll!! Well, maybe not.

What Is A Cyberchondriac, You Ask?

A cyberchondriac is quite simply a hypochondriac who is fully capable of looking up all sorts of symptoms and then believing that they are what he/she has. The problem is that the information is so very available and easy to find, whether that happens to be the person's actual problem or not.

It appears to me that people that have this situation should not be searching out the health pages to find the symptoms. This is an obsessive compulsive focus on symptoms that may or may not even be happening. They should go to the doctor instead. Of course, they also have the BELIEVE the doctor when he or she says that there simply is nothing wrong.

The statistic is that 90% of hypochondriacs who have access to the internet become cyberchondriacs. But research studies at Harvard and Columbia Universities are beginning to find ways to halt this obsession.

For those who deal with this problem, instead of looking up the symptoms to match what you think you might have, try checking out Columbia and Harvard or your own doctor first. They can help you. You do not have to deal with this alone.

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Buying And Investing In Gold

At times like these, it is extremely important that investments be solid. Gold and other precious metals certainly can be that. If you are looking for that type of investment, Monex Deposit Company has what you are looking for. Buying gold and other precious metals for investment purposes gives you a purchasing power that you would not otherwise have.

Monex Deposit Company has been in business for over 30 years. They are leading in sales of gold and precious metals. These folks have what you need in gold ingot and coin. If you like the ingot, the piece is cast in pure bullion in a convenient shape and size. The coin is currency or bullion.

The staff at Monex Deposit Company look forward to serving you. They are true professionals committed to making certain that you are satisfied and happy with your gold and precious metal purchases.

Isn't it time to check them out? Don't forget. Monex Deposit Company for all your gold and precious metals.

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Groceries Are Costing Us More

Yesterday, a news report came out about groceries and other items going up in price. In fact, they are going up incredibly high. Check out gas prices. After that, go to the store. OUCH! Anything at all that is shipped, and that is everything, will have a higher price tag because of gas prices.

Ah, but that is not all. No, we cannot forget to include the corn that the farmers grow in this country. Why corn? Well, the demand for it has skyrocketed with hybrid cars. Of course, there is the demand due to cows, chickens and other animals eating the corn.

Because of those items being higher, gas and corn, almost all the prices at the any store are going UP, UP, UP. Is it ever going to stop? Not soon, so says the government watchers of such things. Since the farmers have realized that there is such a high demand, they have responded with higher prices for the goods. Now don't go after those guys. They have had too many years of famine themselves. If there is no rain or little rain, they go broke. If prices are low for their products, they go broke. How many times have you heard about a farmer losing his farm lately? A lot.

So, what's the answer? You got me. Unless the weather co-operates and the producers of gas and oil co-operate, there is not a shot that the prices will go down at all, let alone sometime in the future.

Posted by From Arkansas at 1:50 PM
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Bait Cars In Fort Worth

Know what a bait car is? Neither did I until the other day when I saw on the news a report about this very subject. A bait car is one that the police put out on the street loaded with cameras, sound equipment, GPS tracking, a way to turn the car off and, last but not least, the keys are in the ignition. That is a bait car.

On the positive side of this story was the fact that a car is stolen every 26 seconds in this country so finding a way to stop that is great. The conviction rate is 100% due to the tracking and recording done inside the car. Also positive is that the Ft. Worth police have caught over 100 car thieves in the last year, one of which was only out of jail for a few minutes and three blocks from the facility he just came out of. Obviously, he did not learn a thing by being in jail unless it was that you could get back in really fast if you steal a car.

You would not figure there is a down side, would you? I can think of one glaring example. While I am all for getting the car thief off the streets and do hope that they learn their lesson, doesn't this sound a bit like entrapment to you? It does to me. Now, before you get upset with me, look at the bigger picture here. Thieves are going to steal cars. That is a fact. Why is it necessary to make it incredibly easy to do so just to catch them in the act? Stick with me here. How about putting the bait car out there with all the goodies but leave the keys out of the deal? You have your car. Cars are parked everywhere. You have your devices to track, record and convict your thief. Why make it almost impossible for the thief to resist?

What do you think?

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Discount Disney Tickets

Something that is always a problem for me these days are the high prices of everything under the sun. When you go on a vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is the price.

I checked out OrlandoFunTickets to find Discount Disney Tickets. The first thing that jumped out was the GUARANTEE of the discount prices being the lowest. Have you looked at Disney ticket prices? This is fantastic! They have all sorts of options for admission tickets. "Disney Magic Your Way" gives you the choice of 1-10 days of excitement and fun.

OrlandoFunTickets can offer you admissions to all four of the theme parks Disney has as well as the two water parks. That is not all. Have you ever heard of Downtown Disney Pleasure Island? How about DisneyQuest? They have tickets for those and all other Disney attractions.

When visiting Orlando, folks want to go to the dinner shows like Pirates Dinner Adventure, the Medival Times and the Arabian Nights. OrlandoFunTickets have discounts for those too! Don't forget to visit Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

Remember, for Discount Disney Tickets, go to OrlandoFunTickets! Discount prices GUARANTEED!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Is Microwave Popcorn A Health Hazard?

This morning on Good Morning America, there was a story about micowave popcorn, of all things. For some reason, the chemical they use to give the treat it's buttery smell also has a side effect for some factory workers....lung disease. The chemical name is diacetyl.

Now, I know that there are a multitude of things out there that will do horrible things to us if we eat too much or play too much or anything too much, but get real. This is a workplace hazard. Yet, they have to debate whether it is also toxic in the home. Hello!!! The fumes are the problem regardless of where you find them...be it home or workplace.

I think it's time to take a hard look at what factories use for their products even though they tell us how wonderful the item may be.

Here is the story from GMA:

Could Microwave Popcorn Be Toxic?

May 16, 2007

Microwave popcorn is one of America's favorite couchside snacks, but the butter flavor is raising questions about whether the crunchy treat could be dangerous to something other than the waist.

The chemical that helps create microwave popcorn's buttery aroma has been linked to serious health issues for workers who make the snack.

After working for 10 months at a St. Louis, Mo., flavoring company, 53-year-old Jerry Blaylock developed a life-threatening disease commonly called popcorn lung, which is linked to the chemical diacetyl. Now his once healthy lungs can hold just 45 percent of breathing capacity.

"I've got grandkids and we used to go to the zoo and amusement parks, but I no longer can do it," Blaylock said.

Let someone know what you think! They have people on this site telling others "well, we have to die sometime." Oh really? Do we want to speed that along?? I think not.

Monday, May 14, 2007


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Don't forget. For your one stop shopping experience, go to Farrey's.

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Ending War Funding-What Are They Thinking?

What is wrong with those folks up there at the Capitol? I do realize that not everyone is happy with the idea of continuing the war in Iraq. Be that as it may, we still need to back our soldiers on the line in battle. How is it going to help them if we send the message that we do not want to pay them???

The wonder-children of the congress are debating the possibility of stopping the funding. The usual list of Dems and the growing list of Republicans are impressive but WHAT ARE THEY THINKING??? Hey fellas, you got any family members in Iraq? Want them to get the idea that you don't want them to be paid? How about the fact that they are already getting the idea you don't care about them at all.

Cutting off the money is about the stupidest thing that you could do. Is it so hard to believe that we need to stay long enough to do the job there? Maybe you didn't REALLY want us there...but you voted to put our troops there in the first place. You people are like rats deserting a sinking ship. Don't those troops deserve better than that from you? First you want it, then you don't.

The word here is consistency. I recall what it was like a day or so after the 911 attack. All for one. One for all!!! Oh yeah. How soon we forget. Or in reality, how soon the politicals forget because of an upcoming election. Bah! Where is the morality? Where is the honor? What honor? Exactly!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Zen And Los Angeles Government

What do Zen and the Los Angeles city government have in common? (Watch out. It's another ARE YOU KIDDING ME? moment) Almost $19,000 to date. The L.A. housing dept.is paying a Zen buddist priest for management training (no kidding here) in breathing with sphincter control, learning how to stand and playing with wooden sticks. Hello!!! Does ANYONE have a problem with this? I DO!!!!

About 30 people are attending training in these and other subjects. The manager (who obviously needs some type of brain function test) says the training is designed to help the employees and executive types to do their jobs better. Yeah, I guess they could do better if their sphincter was in control, right?

Zen And Los Angeles Government

The Los Angeles Housing Department has paid thousands of dollars to a Zen Buddhist priest from Hawaii for management training that includes teaching breathing with sphincter control, learning "how to stand" and playing with wooden sticks.

Norma Wong, a former Hawaii state legislator and leadership consultant, has been paid $18,819 since 2005 to conduct at least four training sessions for executives and other staff. The most recent one was last week.

Mercedes Marquez, the general manager of the department, said the training was designed to help "center" Housing Department managers and teach them to react nimbly to problems such as the city's housing shortage. Up to 30 people attended each session.

"She asks when you center yourself to hold yourself in," Marquez said of the instructor.

The breathing exercises and stick play, she said, were a small part of two-day sessions, which also included discussions of team building and improving department procedures.

Some staff members, however, have found aspects of the training objectionable.

Lynn Hansen, a former assistant general manager, said she was put off by the presumption that she and her colleagues "had to be taught how to breathe and how to stand."

"I'm not sure how that helps me face an irate constituent," she said.

I agree with that lady. I think there is a whole lot wrong with someone who has to teach grown people how to control their sphincter with breathing exercises. Oh brother.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Discounts On Gas Prices Illegal? Are You Kidding?

What is wrong with this picture? A gas station owner in Merril, Wis., was told recently that he had to stop giving the customers discounts, in some cases up to 3 cents a gallon, because it violated Wisconsin's Unfair Sales Act. Are you kidding me?

Seems he was giving the discounts to seniors and through cards that were helping the local youth sports groups. Everything was good until the government, of course, stepped in and shut it down. Want to see more? Okie dokie.

Gas Discounts Stopped In Wisconsin

MERRILL -- With gasoline prices rising, a Merrill service station made an attractive offer: Save 3 cents on each gallon and support local youth sports at the same time.

Senior citizens also paid less for gas, saving 2 cents a gallon.

That was until the state Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection heard about the offers and informed Center City BP owner Raj Bhandari his discounts were too good to be legal.

Bhandari said he was unaware the offers -- a card supporting the Merrill Youth Hockey Association and a senior discount -- violated Wisconsin's Unfair Sales Act, which requires retailers to sell gasoline for about 9.2 percent above the wholesale price.

The law had been explained to retailers in a December 2003 letter. Bhandari has owned the Merrill store since May 2006.

My take on this is that the government, be it state or federal, really does NOT want the prices of gas to go down. Had they wanted that, they would have worked it out by now. They have known for lots of years that this was coming. Do I need to remind anyone who is at least 40 about the long lines at the gas stations when we were told that the suppy was running out? Hello!!!

I don't know about you but I am disgusted with government that is willing to not help those in need (Tsunami victims, Katrina victims, Rita victims, etc.). How about you?

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Remember Backscatter X-rays?

A few days ago, I told you about a sensor that would be more discreet than other technology already being tested by Homeland Security called a backscatter x-ray. That particular screening device would be able to tell what a person's genitals looked like and if a woman had a mastectomy among other things. Critics of this particular technology say it is too invasive. I agree.

Unfortunately, the government, in it's infinite wisdom, is already using this device in the airport in Phoenix. They say that it's 100% voluntary to have this thing check you out. Yeah right. Maybe right now it is but I will be willing to bet that when, I said WHEN not if, the machine proves to be a great searching tool, which I have no doubt it will, then it will become the searching of choice for the government "to be sure" they get all the bad guys. The idea will be that this machine will take away any doubts about a person and what they have on their person.

Backscatter X-rays at the Phoenix Airport

February 24. 2007

The Phoenix airport yesterday became the first in the United States to test new X-ray technology that can see through people's clothes and show the body's contours with blush-inducing clarity.

Critics have said the high-resolution images created by the "backscatter" technology are too invasive. But the Transportation Security Administration adjusted the equipment to make the image look something like a line drawing, while still detecting concealed weapons.

Can anyone who reads this, in good conscience, actually believe that this is a good thing? What happens when you are the one that they want to search? "It's all in the name of security. We have to give up a little freedom so we are not terrorized." Yeah, well are you not seeing that this is a form of terrorizing? Are we not seeing that yet another freedom is going by the wayside in the name of security? What happens when we, the people, are the ones they consider to be terrorists just because we do not happen to agree with something the government wants to do?

Right now, we still are able to have our own say in these matters. We can talk about it all we want but I can tell you that this technology is already being used. It will eventually be so good that it ends up in more and more airports. Then it will be train stations, boat docks. Sometime later, it will end up in any type of place that needs some type of security measures. Like Walmart. All in the name of security.

Tell me, do we actually need THAT MUCH security? You decide.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Is There A Safe Way To Get Out Of Iraq Now?

I ran across this story printed on May 3rd from CNN.

Experts are certain that, at this time, there is no safe way for us to leave war torn Iraq without the Iraqi security forces being in charge and ready. It would be a disaster for the US, Iraq, and other middle east neighbors.

Is There A Safe Way Out Of Iraq?

(CNN) -- Pulling U.S. forces from Iraq could trigger catastrophe, CNN analysts and other observers warn, affecting not just Iraq but its neighbors in the Middle East, with far-reaching global implications.

Sectarian violence could erupt on a scale never seen before in Iraq if coalition troops leave before Iraq's security forces are ready. Supporters of al Qaeda could develop an international hub of terror from which to threaten the West. And the likely civil war could draw countries like Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iran into a broader conflict.

President Bush vetoed a war spending bill Tuesday precisely because the Democrat-led Congress required the first U.S. combat troops to be withdrawn by October 1 with a goal of a complete pullout six months later.

Bush said such a deadline would be irresponsible and both sides are now working on new proposals -- which may have no pullout dates.

I agree that it would be irresponsible on the part of coalition troops to be removed before this is resolved one way or another. What do you think?

Posted by From Arkansas at 12:27 AM
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Friday, May 04, 2007

Sensor Sees Through Clothes But It's Modest

I ran across this story on a brand new sensor that sees through clothes for security purposes. The scientists that have brough us the "peekaboo" sensor say that it will see some things but not others, like naked skin. Oh yeah, how are we to actually KNOW that for a fact? Hmmm?

This is instead of another Homeland Security item built to discover threats to our safety. They call it a more acceptable way of detecting concealed weapons than the backscatter x-ray technology that Homeland Security started testing a few months ago in Arizona.

Personally, I think that they really ought to find something that doesn't show all ya got, ya think?

Sensor Sees Through Clothes

The backscatter machines bounce low-intensity x-ray beams off skin to create black-and-white images that render clothing transparent. Concealed weapons like ceramic knives and pistols are completely revealed.

But so are intimate body parts.

In U.S. congressional testimony last year, the American Civil Liberties Union called the backscatter technology a "tremendous invasion of privacy" that could reveal personal details like evidence of a mastectomy or genital size.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Bush Vetoes War Spending Bill

President Bush started what appears to be a firestorm in the congress now that he has vetoed the spending bill for the war in Iraq. Despite his warnings that he would do just that, the senate put through a bill designed to force a date for pull out of US troops in Iraq, something experts say is not in our best interests. Well DUH!!

It will never be in our best interests to give up on a war that has already cost us in many lives. If we pull out now, not only do we give away the country that we have supposedly liberated (that is certain in question at this point), we also lose more respect in the world. We have precious little of that now. It started in Korea. It accelerated in Vietnam. Some say we should not have fought in Desert Storm. Now, we are in Iraq, having put massive numbers of troops on the ground there.

Losses mount up everyday. Now we have a cry to get out of there because of the loss of life we are experiencing. Definitely, we need to get out but only AFTER we have won. The experts say that it is a war we cannot win. Those who were all for us to be there in 2001 say they would never have voted for this "had we known". Oh really. Well, they knew something. They now say that the intelligence was faulty. Really? We are one of the most technologically advanced country in the world. We have resources. We have the power and ability to get the info needed. And now we are told that the info was "faulty". I don't believe that for a second.

No, and this is my own "I think" here, I believe that the man that was in charge of Iraq had twelve years to hide anything he wanted to hide. He had more than enough time and resources to hide or remove any incriminating evidence of wrong doing. And, even if there were no weapons, the man needed to be removed and the crimes that WERE going on needed to be stopped. For that reason alone, we should have been there.

Should Bush have vetoed that bill? A resounding YES!! Why? Because the bill wanted to get us out of Iraq when we should at least back our troops that are there now AND pull out when it is right to do so, now when the Dems want to gain election brownie points.

What do you think about this? I'm ready to hear you.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Are We In Danger Of Missing The Point?

Do you think we are in danger of missing the point? I think we are. What point? Well, for instance, are you familiar with the word "complacency"? It means that a person is drifting, not seeing the world going on around them, closing their eyes to the dangers that are all around. I believe that this country, the United States of American, proud of our flag and our troops, is completely complacent. I am not just talking about those people who do not care. I am also refering to anyone who does not keep up with what is happening right here....right here in River City! (Reference to The Music Man)

For instance, the congress passes laws all the time that are detrimental to most of us yet we do not even know what they are. Sometimes, even the lawmakers have no idea what was in the bill passed into law because they desparately need to get the main part of the bill into law as soon as possible. Others will add a rider to the bill that usually has nothing to do with the main bill but is a favorite of a congressperson or senator. The long term effects of such things is often unknown until someone chooses to try the law in the Supreme Court.

Christians are particularly vulnerable at this time with what is going on. Laws are being passed that will one day allow those in power to label Christians and Jewish people as terrorists. Yes, it is going to happen, sooner or later.

If you are interested in this subject, please click on Top Ten Reasons Why. I have other subjects of interest at Lura's Bookcase. Please come.

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