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Monday, April 30, 2007

My Birthday

Yes, as with everyone else on the planet, I have a birthday. This is mine whether I like it or not. I don't. Frankly, I have come to a time in my life that I do not care to observe my own birthday anymore. In fact, if I never heard the word "birthday" associated with my incredible self again I would be very happy. Why? Because the idea of a birthday implies that one is growing older. I refuse to do that!!!

Why not? Jack Benny didn't. My Mother certainly doesn't. According to her, she is now and forever 29 yrs. old. I, myself, am turning (why do we call it turning? Are we on some type of merry-go-round that includes us revolving in some manner as we age not so gracefully? I dunno.) 60 yrs. old today. So then, how my Mother can possibly be in her 20s I've no clue. I am not about to shake her faith in her age. No way.

So, I go on my merry little way wishing that birthdays could be banned after a certain age. Of course, I have no problem whatsoever with the kids wanting theirs to stay in tact. That's just fine. They are young people, not even 14 yrs. yet. They can afford to want to have another year. In fact, they insist on it. It's the presents, naturally. There are not enough presents in the galaxy to warrant me wanting another observed birthday, just for the record.

Okay, that is about it on that subject. Thanks for the "Happy Birthday" greetings. Right back at ya!

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

What About Diabetes?

I ask the question about diabetes because I had no real knowledge of the disease until recently. Friends of mine have been dealing with this for some time now but I still did not know a whole lot about it. All I knew was that sometimes people got it through their families because of genetics. In other cases, people "just happened to get it". It seemed to be a random shot, some unlucky soul who never suspected that they were about to get hit with such a thing.

What I did not know was that a person can actually get this disease by their lifestyle and eating habits. Who knew? Well, we should all get a clue here. Our diets are too rich in sugar and carbs. We have brought this disease on ourselves. In the case of my friends, I could not figure out how both the husband and wife could possibly have diabetes. It did not occur to me that what they ate and how they did not exercise had a great deal to do with the problem.

I have to admit that the only way I learned about it was for my doctor to tell me that I was about to be one of those who would have to live forever with the disease that I had tried not-so-hard to avoid. What I learned from this was that if I have a sugar or carb rich diet, it is possible for me to make my body produce too much insulin and then I am in trouble.

So, if you do not want to have your doctor telling you this same story, then start to take charge of your life, your health, your diet and exercise program. Pay attention to the amount of exercise you actually do. Start a journal of your food intake. If you have the diabetic testing kit, use it!!! Keep a diary of your tests. Do what you can to avoid this disease. Eat more veggies and fruit. Live without as much of those all beef patties!!! Watch out for all that fast food!! Do yourself a favor. Run your life as if you want to live long and prosper!! (Yes, I am a trekkie!!)

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

April Is A Wonderful Month

This is not a prejudiced statement on the month of April just because it happens to be my birthday month. I love April because it is the time for flowers and showers, blooms and happy faces going outside. Spring is springing up everywhere! I love it!

Okay, not so much of spring is in the north yet but it is beautiful here in Arkansas. Yes, we had a few days of unacceptable cold weather when we really didn't need it. The trees had started blooming out and the flowers were on their way too. We already had daffodils. Then the frost and freezing came. The leaves on the trees looked dead. We saw the flowers wilt, the leaves turn the fall colors and brown. It seemed as if we were headed back into winter again.

Time to SCREAM!!!! But wait! Right after the devastating cold...came the beautiful sun and warm weather sprung up again. The pollen came again too!!! It was as if spring had not shown it's face at all and then it did. We got the greenup affect again. That's twice for those with allergies. ACHOO!!!

Now, the sun is bright and clear skies are shining. Never mind the cloud bursting rainy days. WE HAVE SPRING!!!

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Friday, April 20, 2007

In The Aftermath At Virginia Tech

I am not going to go on and on about the Massacre at Virginia Tech. Frankly, I think that too many people have put their two cents worth in already. As is the usual case in any tragedy, as long as one small something comes up that no one knew about prior to this, the media does a saturation campaign the likes of which we only see when such things happen.

I recall the day that Kennedy got assassinated. I will never forget it. Why? Because the media covered every angle, every curve, every thought of everyone involved and a few that weren't. Picture after picture of the motorcade, of the trip to the hospital, the bloody clothing on Jackie, the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald and the resulting capture of Jack Ruby. I remember most of that due to the constant and indepth coverage of the whole situation. The television was alive with the aftermath of the tragedy just like it has been and still is with this one. When is the media going to get a clue that the more things are sensationalized, the more people like that guy are going to do it again and again because they want to either prove a point or become famous, even if only for the few minutes that the media sensationalizes this time.

Maybe it is time for the media to see and get a clue that perhaps we, the people, do NOT always have to have all the tiniest bits of information concerning this and other tragedies. Perhaps we can start to live in a world where, as long as we do not get all that info, the perpetrators will not choose to be "famous" or in this case, "infamous" because they will not have a forum for it. Let's think about that for a while, okay?

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Fox Who Ate The Democratic Canaries

Here we are, whether we like it or not, in the middle of a Presidential race for the White House many, MANY months before the election and we already have some totally silly things going on. Fox News has been trying for some time to schedule a debate with the several contenders for the big prize. However, due to the idea that Fox is extremely Republican slanted, the Dems have no intention of holding a debate with them.

Isn't it interesting that these so-called "Ready-For-Primetime" candidates, who tell us how incredibly gifted they are for the office of President, are too scared? to debate on a channel that isn't quite ideal territory. Makes one wonder if they can handle the bad guys out there, doesn't it. In fact, that particular thought came to a correspondent as well.

The Fox Who Ate The Dem Canaries

NEW YORK (AP) - Democrats running for president seem to find Fox News Channel as ripe a target as President Bush, a development with dangerous implications for both the network and the politicians.

Fox has tried twice, without success, to set up a debate with the major Democratic contenders. Both times they failed because of pressure applied by online liberal activists, who consider Fox biased toward Republicans and conservatives.


Candidates have fought over debate moderators, formats and even the size of podiums to stand behind. It's hard to recall a debate being rejected because the candidates don't like the network that would carry it. The political calculation is simple. Democratic candidates are speaking chiefly now to potential primary voters, many with a long-festering resentment against Fox.

"When Edwards stood his ground against Fox, and now Obama and Clinton, it was an attempt for each of them to present themselves as slayers of the dragon, the deadly Fox dragon," said Stuart Rothenberg, editor of a nonpartisan political newsletter based in Washington.

The reaction to former President Clinton's confrontation last September with Fox Sunday-morning host Chris Wallace taught many Democrats there was political ground to be gained in fighting with Fox.

(I particularly found this next statement to be VERY interesting!!)

The risk to this strategy is it could make the candidates look like, well, weenies .

Well said!!! What do these people have to be afraid of? Someone who might not think like they do, maybe? Horrors!!! What will the world come to? I say that if they are that afraid to face someone who might oppose them, then they are not right for the job in the first place. Should I point out that these same people are some of THE MOST ACTIVE opponents of the current President?? Wonder what that's all about?

Friday, April 13, 2007

The Imus Finale

I know, there are debates everywhere about this guy, Imus, and his incredibly ignorant mouth just like there were when it was Mel Gibson, Michael Richards or whoever else is now or was in rehab because of a big mouth. I will not send you to any articles on any of them because I, myself, am tired of hearing about Imus and what he said about the girls basketball team or any of the others and what they said or who they hurt by it. No, I will not quote it here!

This is a commentary from me. Frankly, I am totally disgusted with ALL, I said ALL, of the coverage on all of the people who have mouth diarrhea. Ignorance is rampant in this country anyway. Why on earth do we have to advance the course in "Stupid 101" by having enormous coverage on this one and that one who can't keep a civil tongue in their heads? Why must we show how ignorant they are by broadcasting it from here to there in great detail? All THAT shows is how ignorant WE ARE for listening to this drivel. Why must we hear, over and over and over again, what the racial slurs are? Who does that serve? The television networks, that's who. And that gets ratings. Isn't it about time we cut them off at the knees?

If the people of this country are that thin skinned then I think THEY have a problem that is worse than the guy who is spouting the crap, don't you? Haven't you ever had someone say slur words to you? Did you need to broadcast it to the world? Why must we be subjected to MORE ignorance by seeing all of what they go through, all of what it does to the other guy/gal? What is wrong with this picture?

The thing that is wrong with it is that we love sensationalism. We love to see the big guy downgraded by this. We MUST see Al Sharpton show up like he does every single time there is a perceived racial slur afoot. We love to see ignorance in action because if we see the famous guy doing it, then it makes it okay for us to do it too. We "tisk tisk" and tell each other how much better we are since we didn't say that. We tell each other that it's just too bad that they have to get into rehab and we sympathize with all involved. That is, as long as we don't have to paddle in the same boat. If we do, then the guy is justified. Get real. No racial slur is justified. No negative comment about anyone like that is justified.

Now we need to address one more thing. Imus is a shock jock. He wasn't all that well known...until now. Much like Howard Stern, this guy blew off his mouth. No one seemed to mind all that much because he was in the business for a multitude of years. His job was not in jeopardy. In fact, he was paid for the diarrhea of mouth. So, why is he jobless now? Because the SPONSOR didn't like it. Not because we, the people, didn't like what he said. NO! In fact, we didn't get bent until it went on the national news. HYPOCRITES ALL!!!!!

But there is one thing that I should point out. This guy spoke his mind on the radio and it was also on television. Where are his rights? What happened to freedom of speech? Did it get flushed because the SPONSOR didn't like it?? YOU bet it did. Freedom of speech is only as good as what you say. How communist can you get?

Where is the outcry FOR the guy? We need to sit down and check out our priorities here. Let me say this. I do NOT condone or agree with anything that guy said or what any of these other people are saying. BUT, I have to believe that they have the right to say it. I have to believe that I still live in a free country where we are supposed to have our freedom to say what we want to without being shut down because some guy or corporation is paying the bills.

What's Wrong With This Picture. Perhaps it is time for you to decide that now.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

911 Calls-Are Dispatchers Taking Them Seriously?

Just recently, it was brought to my attention that there is a very real problem concerning 911 dispatchers. Now, I am not talking about all of them nor most of them. However, there are some who should not be in that particular job at all.

For instance, there was a recent call to 911 where a little boy said that his mother was on the floor passed out (she had not been drinking). The dispatcher told the boy to stop playing on the phone. This is the actual transcript of the call made by a 5 year old boy:

In a recording of the first call, the son is heard saying, "My mom is passed out." The operator responds, "Where's Mister Turner at?" Robert Turner explains that his mother is unable to talk. The operator then says "Okay, well, I'm going to send the police over to your house to find out what's going on," and then hangs up.

But neither the police nor medical personnel ever arrived, according to family members.

Three hours later, the boy called again.

"It was taking too long," he told a local reporter in Detroit. "And she said the same thing."

In the second call, the operator asks to speak to his mother, "before I send the police over there." She then tells the son, "You shouldn't be playing on the phone. Now put her on the phone before I send the police over there to knock on the door, and you're going to be in trouble."

Again, neither police nor medical personnel responded.

The mother of this young boy died due to the neglect of the dispatcher. This is all too frequent to ignore. In 1994, a boy was being beaten. Over 20 people called in to report this. The dispatchers, that's with an "S", apparently ignored these calls. They were later fired as they should have been. The result: the boy DIED!

In Anderson, SC., sheriff deputies ignored calls, again with an "S", from a STABBING victim.

In Memphis, a 63 year old man lay on the floor of a pool club while other customers frantically called to dispatch to get help. He died because the agencies were fighting over who should respond to the call.

What part of STUPID is this? ALL of it. BUT why is this happening? Shouldn't we be able to count on the 911 call to get help? After all, we are paying taxes so that it can exist.

The reality is that these dispatchers are not certain when the call comes in, if it is legitimate or not. There are thousands of prank calls every year. These calls take their toll in the lack of responses to the real calls because the dispatcher cannot determine if the call is real or not.

One recent survey reported that 25 percent of all 911 calls are pranks, creating a dilemma for emergency agencies. And in 2003, another national study found that 70 percent of all cell phone calls to 911 are dialed inadvertently.

Still, critics say there's not enough training for 911 operators. The National Association of Emergency Numbers says there's not even a national standard for 911 operations.

There is also strong criticism that few communities use enough of their annual budgets to train workers on even the basics of handing emergency calls.

This is positively scary. According to that, we cannot ever completely count on 911 calls to bring help, no matter how critical the need. Don't you think it's time to get ahold of your local authorities and find out what is going on and what you can do to help this situation? If you do not think that this is your problem, wait until you have the need. It might just be too late.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

More Domains For Sale!

I have to admit that I kind of like showing you these domain names. Some of them are really cute. Others are simply great for certain types of blogs, businesses or whatever you might think of.

A couple more that I want to mention are:

For a Christian ministry or for someone who wishes to let people know about their personal faith, Faith Walks is a fantastic name! It actually comes in two varieties, the dot com and one called Faith Walks.Net. Both look great for someone looking to start a ministry or ministry page.

For a Christian online chat place, how about Christian Chatters? That chat name sounds terrific.

These and others are available on Purrfect Domains. Why not give them a try.

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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Having Survived April Fools Day

Okay, I admit it. I do not have a whole lot to say today. So, in the interest of saying not much of anything but desparately trying to say it well, I will tell you what I know about April Fools Day, which frankly isn't alot.

When I first went to school, lo those many eons ago, it hit me square in the face about April Fools Day, literally. Somebody threw something at me or possibly I stood in the way of someone's idea of progress. In any event, I got something right in the chops. I have no recollection of what that was at this time but it had to have been devastating for me to still remember it.

In those days, April Fools Day actually meant something to the children of our school at least. When I finally got a clue (took a while. I wasn't used to such shenanigans) my friends and I plotted away at the things we would do to those who chose to fool us. No fools, we. What a letdown it was to find out that most children did not see us as an immediate threat and therefore did nothing to us.

I was relegated to handing out the usual "APRIL FOOLS" to the teachers, who obviously knew what was coming since the entire class was in on the surprise.

Other than that, I have no idea why anyone would want to be an April Fool or hand out practical jokes to those unsuspecting souls that were not prepared. And that's about it on what I know. Not much, is it.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My Days Off From Blogging

Sometimes I have days where I do not feel as well as I usually do. When that happens, I have a smallish gap in the posts. Frankly, I really like to put my opinions in print, or in this case, online because then I feel that I have a voice in things, whether that is truly the case or not. So for the forseeable future, my opinions, however silly, ridiculous or smart they may be, they will be made public. Regardless of what the current "politically correct" things are being said, you will NOT, repeat NOT find those here.

What I have to say is my own opinion and because I still live, for however long, in a semi-free society, I will say what I want to say. So there! *grin*

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Monday, April 02, 2007

Domains For Sale!

I want you to know that there are urls for sale out there on the internet! You can find pages with the perfect domain names, put your money on it and it's YOURS! Let me give you a a couple of examples of what I am talking about.

My Pet Palace is a great name for a pet shop or somebody who is raising pets of any kind for sale. Don't you just love the name?

Blog Hunting is another good name for a url especially if you plan to have a service for helping people to find the best blogs and blog places on the net.

I think my favorite is called Snarl Paws. That one looks like it would be great for either sale of animals or maybe selling gloves or simply a great blog name. What do you think?

These and several others are available on a website called Purrfect Domains.