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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Pill Commercials

I have just about had all I can stand of those pill and medicine commercials. We not only mute them but also refuse to watch them. Everything I know about them now is a holdover from when we saw them. They're on all of the time, especially during the news. Guess the companies are targeting the more intellectual crowd, right? So, from what I can tell, the commercials are geared specifically to tell you how sick you are and how much you need those particular pills. They will tell you that the advertising is in the name of keeping you informed but how informed do you need to be? It couldn't be that these ads are somewhat biased maybe? Nah. Why would anyone say that??

We get told how, if you are a man, and you take this product, you will perform better. There are a whole lot of warnings about it though. Frankly, it makes the med sound like you are risking your life taking it. Then there are the artery cleaners, arthritis stuff, stomach meds, something to clean out mucus. And with each ad goes the warnings and cautions that you might get this and/or that. It really sounds life threatening to take the stuff. Here at home, we ask each other...why would anyone be stupid enough to take that stuff?

You know what, I didn't know we were that sick! According to these ads, we are almost at death's door if we do not take it and QUICKLY! (oh but, see your doctor before you begin any new meds...like you would want to take it without that????) Perhaps I am giving the public more credit than they have coming but I actually thought that people would have more sense than to take meds without a doctor's approval. Oh yeah. Look who I'm talking about. What was I thinking??!!!

These commercials are there strictly to scare you into buying their product. They want you to believe that their product and ONLY theirs could possibly make you not sick anymore. They are all about FEEL GOOD. I can't help thinking that the doctors would love it if those ads went way far away. I'm wondering how many folks, after having seen some of these commercials, go straight to the doctor complaining of just those symptoms and expect to be prescribed exactly that med or those pills. Sounds to me like it would drive the doctors nuts with all those patients going in to inquire about this med and that one when the ones you are on are perfectly good, that is, if you needed meds in the first place.

See, the drug companies bank on the fact that this country is all about feel good and paranoia. They are trying to program the public to feel sick enough to need the product. If you do not think that you are being programed, please think about how many of those commercials you see on an average night. Then see if you can think of one or two of those products. Now, how much do you know about those products? If it's what the ads say, then you most certainly are getting the full campaign.

Hey congress, how about legislating all those medicine ads OFF THE AIRWAVES like you did the cigarette ads, hmm? That way, people would have to actually do some research on the meds they want to buy instead of simply believing everything they see. America is getting sicker and sicker. Why not ask yourself why!

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Monday, January 29, 2007

People Who Don't Listen

In my life, I've had numerous people around me who, for whatever reason, would not listen to a thing I said, no matter how urgent or critical. They appeared to be deaf. I was talking greek. They look at you as if you have three heads. It isn't pretty and it is annoying to the max. More recently, I have been blessed with folks around me who do listen. My family. At least they care enough to listen. What a relief.

However, haven't you ever had something you had to say that was so important that it could not wait BUT some yahoo blows it off as if you were speaking in another language? (Here you might like to read about rude salespeople) Frankly, there are blogs and articles all over the internet about dirty politicians, for instance, and people will go to the polls as if they were sheep. They don't vote their conscience. They vote for the cutest butt or the best looking bod. They vote for the biggest liar because they can't tell the little ones from the bigger ones. They vote for the top name because they have no clue at all who these people are and wouldn't even if they had had a nine month study course on them. These are the uninformed, the social and political illiterate who will get out and vote. It won't mean a thing to them except that they got to be in that booth and pull a lever or touch that screen. WHEEEE!!!

But what does it mean to the rest of us who give a crap about who is in office, who will one day legislate our freedoms completely out (not terribly far from that now)? It means that the United States of America, land of the free and home of the brave won't be....free or brave. Someday soon, we will be told what we can and cannot do when we want to speak out against someone or something. Oh wait, we already have that.

How about "Free Speech Zones"? Know what they are? Ah well, those are areas where the local or national law enforcement officials will put you when a candidate or elected official comes by. It is usually a block or two away from the action so that the person you want to see is unable to see you. After all, you might be a terrorist. And isn't everyone a terrorist these days? Excuse me but aren't we just a tad TOO PARANOID here?

Or maybe you just want to go into the capitol building where the laws are made. They have their chaplain pray over the sessions each day BUT you cannot pray for anything out in the rest of the building. Why? Because they have rules against it. Land of the free? Yeah right.

In the end, the real tragedy is going to be that those uninformed, who frankly do not know about free speech zones and not praying in the capitol building, will vote in the inept, the clueless and the downright criminals in the know who will take over our country and disregard our freedoms much like they already are doing right this moment. SO, what will these bumbling idiots say then? It will, of course, be blamed on someone else. After all, THEY got out and voted. It wasn't THEIR fault that the candidate they voted in did all of the damage. But maybe if they listened to people who tell them that they are helping to kill our freedoms.....think they will? NAH! But we need to continue to try to get to them. If we don't, we are as bad as they are.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Co-Ed Sleepovers

I have to tell you that before I ran across this little item, I had never heard of such a thing as co-ed sleepovers. Frankly, it sounds wrong and dangerous to start with. Then, as you find out about it, it doesn't get any better. Okay, I guess my age is showing here but how about some common sense, if such a thing exists anymore, which I am beginning to believe does not.

So, the deal is this. Teens, boys and girls, get together at someone's house and sleep in the same rooms together. It is supposedly like your basic sleepovers with, again, supposedly no hanky panky. Uh huh. Did hormones take a vacation or something? From what I have seen, we are talking about 13-16 year old girls and boys who are on the honor system to simply have an allnighter and nothing but talking is going to happen. Who is kidding who?

What is even more shocking to me.........yes, I AM shocked...........is that there are adult mothers out there that think this is just fine. "After all, they have been friends since sandbox days. The boys would never hurt the girls, ever. They think of each other as family, brothers and sisters. So it's just fine. They ALL respect each other too much to do anything wrong." ACK!!!! I don't think so. Are you going to let your kid sleep over with the opposite sex? Is this really a good idea? What's wrong with this picture?

Friday, January 26, 2007

Rude Salespeople

I realize that this is not the greatest problem in the world but it IS a problem, from time to time. Rude salespeople are those who know you need something but will do anything to keep from helping you. They have sized you up and found you wanting in some regard. Reminds me of the scene in "Pretty Woman" where the salesperson put her nose in the air and wanted the Julia Roberts character (lady of the evening) to leave the store because, in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive, she couldn't POSSIBLY be in the right place. Salespeople have tried to make me feel that way from time to time. That used to intimidate me but no longer. I am older and wiser. But they are still an annoyance. Still act as though they are better than others. It is sad.

Frankly, they need to be pitied rather than treated like for like as I used to want to do. On the other hand, where we live, there is a (snicker) SUPERCENTER Walmart where the folks are truly kind and helpful. Well, most of them. It is a blessing.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Is THIS How We Treat TEACHERS Now?

Not too long ago, I read an article and blog about this teacher in Norwich, Conn. that is facing several years in prison because she supposedly allowed children to see pornographic popups on her computer screen in her classroom. Of course, if you really read the article, you will see that she had spyware on the computer that she didnt know about AND had told the asst. principal and several teachers about it. Despite that, she has already been convicted of four counts "endangering kids".

Thing is, the spyware wasnt hers, it popped up without her wanting it and she did tell several people about it. Nevertheless, the obviously "well informed" police said that it was downloaded from actively visiting porn sites. IS ANYONE ACTUALLY THAT STUPID????? Hello??? Computer is in a classroom, on school property, in front of children who WILL tell their parents about the weird pictures on teacher's computer, popups come like it or not and hey if that isnt good enough for ya, the software that the oh so righteous school owned that was SUPPOSED to guard against all that was out of date. Come on here. Is anyone going to get serious about this? It certainly isnt the court. It isnt the police. The DA? Nah. Of course, the only one thats getting serious is the poor woman who is now going to prison, having her life ruined by evil, small minded, brainless people. What a wonderful world!

Question I have is this...you ever have unwanted porn popups come on your computer? I have. Its not only totally annoying, I HATE it. I do not visit that type of site but the popups come from a variety of places that you might even find innocently, places that advertise such things. Its been known to happen.

Here's your shot to see for yourself:



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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Nasty Side of Life...Via the ACLU

Today, I learned that no matter how rural an area we live in, the nastiest parts of life will show up anyway. Where we live, the Bible is still the biggest source of information. In our school system, for years, the Gideons have come in and distributed small pocket Bibles to children who wish to have them. They are NOT forcing anyone to take them. It is a gift, pure and simple.

Yet, we are now being told by a letter to our board of education from the lofty, know-it-all, it's really for your own good, ACLU, that in our particular school system that we are NOT ALLOWED to have this. And WORSE, the board of lack-of-education has decided to buckle under to these people simply because the board was told that it was unconstitutional to have Bibles given out on public school property. ARE THEY SERIOUS??? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?? Who do they actually think they are??? The ACLU actually do not live here, do not work here, do not spend their money here. All they do is ruin other peoples' lives by deciding who can and who cannot do things or have things.

We are being subject to the law and rules according to the ACLU. I cannot object more strenuously. These people find one or two people who don't usually have the sense God gave them and USE THEM to gain their own ground at the Supreme Court level. As far as I can tell, from everything I've ever read about them, they could care less about the person or people. All they care about is their own agendas. It is a means to an end. It is time to STOP THE MADNESS. Contact your congressperson now!!! (that is, if they haven't been bought off by the same ACLU)

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