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There Are Worse Things In The World Than Crappy Bloggers

Posted by: From Arkansas in Are You Kidding Me?, Blogs I have known, It's A Rant on Dec 05 2008

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At the moment, I have an ongoing back and forth with a guy who has the guts to write how crappy we bloggers are if we write paid posts. You can see what I have to say in the post “Bloggers Slamming Bloggers“. Don’t forget to check out the comments and give one yourself. But there are much worse things in the world than crappy or paid bloggers. There are incredible injustices that are being ignored, willfully so. I was raised by honorable people who believed that honesty and integrity had worth. That if an injustice was seen, it should not be ignored. Because of that, I have put myself on the line a few times. I am blessed that I have not gotten my nose bitten off. I did break my ankle once though.

Injustice. Race. Unfair. Bullies. Harassment. Strong words. But all of them and more belong with the story I am about to tell you. Two young high school students, brothers, went as usual into the cafeteria to get lunch. They are on the free lunch program so a hot lunch is there for each of them, guaranteed. After having stood in the line for quite a while, people of another race come up and cut in line, then allow many of their friends to do so as well. There were many derogatory names being said by the bullies who obviously know that no one is going to do anything about them. The lunch monitor comes up to see what the disturbance is since it is obvious there is a problem. When told, they put the young men who were not at fault at the end of the line. One of them was treated to a “sub lunch” meaning that the lunch was substandard with old food, old milk and a frozen packaged turkey sandwich. He was made to take that for being a trouble maker, I guess. This is so against the law. Those young men are on the federal free lunch program. It can risk the school’s federal funding if found out that they are not allowing the students to have the lunches they are supposed to provide.

This is not an isolated incident. It happens literally every day in that school. EVERY DAY. There are many more schools in this country and I have no doubt whatsoever that this scenario is played out in many of them each day.

Many of the students at that high school are tired of the problem but are unable to do anything about it. The teachers stand by and do nothing at all, siding with the real bullies. While the school has a “no tolerance” policy concerning the bully problem, they do not enforce it in any way. Was nothing happening? The young men’s mother called the school to talk to the principal about this very subject having suddenly seen the light as to why her sons were asking for bags of chips and sodas for school. For a while, the school was unresponsive. Then yesterday at 3pm, she received a call from the principal. When she told her story, the principal said that she had heard nothing about this before. New information. I would say that she is, at the very least, willfully ignorant and likes to keep it that way. This is a race problem in giant proportions which is likely why she chooses not to see the issues.

The principal all but called one of the mother’s sons a liar. She could apparently not believe that the young man had a frozen “sub lunch”. Yeah, that never happens, not in her school. At the least, she should be reevaluated concerning her job. Her staff is obviously substandard or they would stand up to the punks who are doing this. The punks? Black and Hispanic. The young men, white. It is a form of reverse racism.

Some of these people are football players, large and aggressive. Others are carrying weapons at school which most definitely against the law. Of course, no one is going to go up against them. I suspect that part of the problem is that they are intimidating people due to their own race issues and, of course, the weapons. But they are also getting away with it due to the fact that they are on the football team. One thing I have experienced over the years is that when it’s a member or members of a football team, they will always get special treatment. People will look the other way. Rah rah for the team. Not all are members of the team or so I believe but enough must be.

Reality sets in. The principal will do what she can, will investigate further concerning the “sub lunch” and get back to the mother. Uh huh. I am guessing if the mother does not do something before the Christmas break, this will be swept under the rug. The mom is handicapped and would have a real problem doing what she wants to do, go to the school and sit in the lunch room with a camera. Perhaps someone will help her in that area. She wants to go to the media. Again, I do hope she does this. But there is another reality here. The school is obligated to make available a hot lunch for those on the free and reduced lunch program. It’s federally funded and has strict guidelines concerning the food and how it’s handled. If things do not get addressed in a way she is satisfied, she should call the number for the federal program and inform them of the situation.

The mother of the young men involved is a blogger. Her first post on this is entitled “Whatchu gun-do bout it cracka?” which is a quote from a young “lady” who threw that back at the brothers as she cut in line with the rest. The other two posts are “Will investgate and call me back.” and “I feel violent now.“, all found on her blog, My Single Life Mom. What mother would not want to defend her sons against such obvious hatred? And what school system will allow such hatred in their school and turn the other way?

Perhaps in days like these, it would be better if we bloggers took the time to show her and other parents that not everyone is like that, that we care enough to get involved in what ways we can. I will be willing to send any information to the media in that area if that’s what it takes to get some action here. It is likely that the school will try to cover up the obvious. However, the media has a way of getting in anyway and seeing the dirt. I only hope they are like that in that community.

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  1. World Headlines (1 comments.) on 05.01.2009 at 21:10 (Reply)

    That’s quite unfortunate, but I’m not entirely sure this is an isolated case. Racism happens everywhere to white, black and asians - but if you find this troublesome, realize that the racism faced to visible minority groups is larger then that happening to Whites.

    I hate to dissect the world down by skin color of all things, but racism sucks - regardless of who it’s to. I only wish people would stand up against all forms of racism, and not just to those of their own group - be it black, white purple or red.

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