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Bloggers Slamming Bloggers

Posted by: From Arkansas in Are You Kidding Me?, It's A Rant on Dec 04 2008

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One thing that will get me madder than most things are those so-called elitist bloggers who think that they are the only ones with a decent opinion or that they sneer at those who write paid blogging posts. I am getting sick and tired of seeing those pretty boys and pretty girls who think they are the only ones on the face of the earth who have a right to talk. What is up with that? Are you kidding me? Get a clue. Get a life. Are you now the blogging police? Who gives you that right? What do you think you are? I KNOW what I think you are. Don’t make me say it here. It isn’t printable.

Those of us who do write paid blogging posts or put in paid links have the right and the will to do this. In my experience, most of those who do write like that are on fixed incomes, they have medical problems, are stay at home moms ONLY because of that income, they have too many bills (and today who doesn’t?), need to supplement their incomes for various reasons other than that. Whatever the reason, why can’t we do this without the whole world of crap that those so-called elitist bloggers put out? What is up with that? Why can’t we live our lives, posting as we like? Isn’t it enough that the great and powerful Googoo doesn’t like us so they crap shoot our PR? And why is it that they don’t like us? Not because we are “impure” and not because they have such pure motives. Oh no. It’s because we cut into their revenue. And here we are again. It’s all about the MONEY!!!! Money, money, money.

It’s about the money when the medical bills are so high that you drown in the debt from it. It’s all about the money when you can’t even go out for a pizza once a month. It’s all about the money when the kids don’t get to see presents under the tree at Christmas. It’s all about the money when the money hungry Wall Street jacka$$e$ that started the whole economy drop in the first place get to go cruising and dining while the rest of us drown in a sea of debt. IT IS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!!!!

So, where do the elitist blogging jerks come off slamming the rest of us while they do their 9 to 5’s and go to the bar after work, pay for their boats, water skis, second homes, third cars, in ground pools, country club memberships, grand label clothes and two week vacations? I am so disgusted with those people. What makes them so great and the rest of us blogger trash?

The one thing that really pi$$e$ me off is that those same jerks who slam us are the ones who have all those sellout Googoo ads plastered all over their blogs. These people are making money, right? And what is so wrong with making money on a blog??? GOOGOO makes tons of money on ads and sellout crap online. Their only problem with me is that I cut into their revenue. Oh BOO HOO!!! Am I mad? You doggone right I am. I have a right to be. Who has the right to slam me for making a couple bucks to pay for those oh so padded medical bills? The bills themselves are highway robbery. I am soooo disgusted. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

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  1. Clicker (2 comments.) on 04.12.2008 at 15:32 (Reply)

    I agree with you. Other bloggers that feel they have to include profanity in order to speak only show their lack of education. Elitist, opinionated people should stick to their own kind and leave the regular folks alone.

    1. From Arkansas on 04.12.2008 at 16:48 (Reply)

      Ah but it isn’t just the profanity. I can handle that due to my previous employment. However, it’s that “nose-in-the-air” attitude that they are so much better than we are. That just sticks and makes me so mad.

      Thanks for your comments both here and on the blog that started all this!!!

  2. Roy (1 comments.) on 04.12.2008 at 16:30 (Reply)

    I can see you’ve been there too

    it’s really frustrating isn’t it? as if what we do affects them or robs them of some valuable links or anything.

    Roys last blog post..Hail! The demi-gods of blogging!

    1. From Arkansas on 04.12.2008 at 16:51 (Reply)

      Yes, I was there too. I am still commenting to him. I realize that I will probably not get through to him but maybe I can open the eyes of some other innocent person who has no clue about people like him.

      What really bothers me is that while he puts his nose in the air over my blog and yours, he has no problem whatsoever hawking money making schemes that I KNOW are just going to make HIM money and no one else. Some are pure ripoffs. Some just like the old pyramid schemes that got outlawed some time back.

      Yes, I am disgusted with people like him. Hypocrites all.

      Thank you for your visit and comments.

  3. Peter (1 comments.) on 04.12.2008 at 19:48 (Reply)

    So many people can think that they can hide behind a website and say all sorts of things that they wouldn’t say to your face.

    The net may be a great thing, but it sadly seems to give some people licence to become ass——-

    Peters last blog post..How To Make Candy Apples. Here’s A Good Video

    1. From Arkansas on 04.12.2008 at 22:34 (Reply)

      I agree. They feel that they can say whatever they please since no one will know who it is anyway. I happen to be subscribed to the blogger who does this. While he is hypocritically slamming those of us who work within our blogs, he has numerous ads and ways to make money right there. He actually teaches it.

      I should also mention here that he came back to one commenter by saying that the pretty much piddling amount of money, $2500 a month, was not worth the effort. Um, it would be to me. We have less than half that kind of income without our blogging. Of course, he had these incredibly unknowledgable comments about how long it would take a day to earn that sort of income. I believe he said that it would take a blogger 18 hours to produce that much content to make that kind of money. LOL!!!! I guess he writes slowly.

      Thanks for your comments.

  4. SlamBlogger (2 comments.) on 04.12.2008 at 22:30 (Reply)

    very eloquently put Jaz… i hate those slammers :)

    just out of curiosity, why the hatred towards google? (indicated by the “no google” picture on your sidebar)

    1. From Arkansas on 04.12.2008 at 23:42 (Reply)

      My goodness, Slam, you ought to know that one. This blog is a PR zero. At the time of the Googoo hit, it was scheduled to go to a 4, had been a 3. Then Googoo hit. I cannot stand those who hit the little guys and leave the big ones that they aimed at..alone. See, Googoo gets sued every now and then. So far, they haven’t been touched but they will. With little to no regard for the individual blogger, they put out their punishments for working for that dastardly company that Googoo hates.

      Thanks for the comment though I an snickering here considering…..

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  6. SlamBlogger (2 comments.) on 05.12.2008 at 16:20 (Reply)

    I am sorry to hear that google played you like that. I don’t see how you can be a PR zero with all the content you have - I suppose I would be irritated as well.

    1. From Arkansas on 05.12.2008 at 16:42 (Reply)

      I’m not just irritated. I am downright angry. Googoo played us because they could not get to the company they aimed at. We were all innocent bystanders in this. And they are STILL playing us because, you are right, this blog has no business being a zero nor do my others.

      I have found that if I am linked to any of my other blogs, they all fall. So, I do not always link one to the other and amazingly, they are not all zeros.

      This is monopoly time and they deserve to fall and fall hard. Googoo is not the be all, end all for anyone. They are simply a company that is exerting their power that they should never have had in the first place. I have heard all the arguments that talk about the fact that their PR system is their own, they are a private company…blah blah blah.

      Yes, they are their own company and can have their own rules. However, they say that *I* violated their rules and so they are punishing me for that. I didn’t want them in my life to start with. Did not join them. Did not agree to any rules. They simply decided I was a bad guy and dumped my PR.

      I would not care at all except that there are still too many advertising companies that require a PR 2, sometimes 3 and higher to work for them. Those companies are also making me mad because they are well aware of what Googoo has done and they still support them. Jerks!!!

      Yes, this one pushes my buttons. I know what I would like to see happen to Googoo. They so deserve it for manipulating our lives like this. They are the ones who actually took food from babies mouths. That is just plain evil and they do it anyway.

      I can’t say how disgusting that company is. They are the slime that inhabits the scum in the pond of life.

      Thanks for visiting, Slam.

  7. Joey (1 comments.) on 18.12.2008 at 16:36 (Reply)

    I have been following your *debate* with it’s a rant… you make me smile. I’ll remember to stay on your good side.. haha.. anyway, I am really interested in the site you go through for your word linking posts… any info you can share?

    Joeys last blog post..Sunday night with the Clayson’s…

  8. Merydith (1 comments.) on 18.12.2008 at 21:28 (Reply)

    I am so with you Jaz. In a year my little sister will graduate from college as a NURSE. Thanks to what I made from blogging. I have sent her to school since day one from my blogging earnings, while I stay home and watch my son. It is sad that one person can blatantly say that with intentions of hurting a lot of people. It probably made him very happy and now jumping up and down for joy. How sad!

    I will still continue writing paid posts and I will still continue to send my sister to college. If he doesn’t like what he reads he shouldn’t visit but do you really think he reads every blogs he visited or maybe just making another generalization again. It must be nice to have the luxury of time in your hands. Anyways, I wish you all the best and have a Merry Christmas.

    Merydiths last blog post..What A Pain…

  9. Bryan Karl (1 comments.) on 25.12.2008 at 05:22 (Reply)

    Hmmm I understood every word you say. Every word of it. I need the money to pay for some debt that I have to pay til next year. Elitist is sort of an agreeable word. We all have the right to our own blog right? We can do anything with it. So I hope other bloggers would stop attacking other bloggers. If they dislike a blog, let them keep it to themselves rather than shooting it in front of other bloggers’ faces.

  10. The Mommy Blogger (1 comments.) on 31.12.2008 at 12:42 (Reply)

    Awesome pose and nicely put!

    The Mommy Bloggers last blog post..Hasbro Playskool Busy Ball Popper

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